Modern Marvels / Modern Marvels 41 — 50 movies to watch online

Modern Marvels  Modern Marvels 41 - 50 movies to watch online
Many years cycle "Modern Marvels" — perhaps the most popular in the channel "TV-3." The cycle is devoted to the history of virtually everything that surrounds us. Because this topic is truly unlimited.
Modern Marvels. Era digits triumph of ingenuity, scientific thought and imagination — "Modern Marvels" with characteristic ease and wit are the most interesting stories of scientists, visionaries and pragmatists behind the creation of everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders of the real. How is the movie? Who invented the telephone? Are computers think? Paying tribute to our curiosity, the show opens furtive things and their production, showing the impact of technology on the past, and the true human civilization …

Modern Marvels. Bullets / Modern Marvels. Bullets
They can penetrate the armor and light up the sky. Their speed achieves 4,800 km / h Some of them are made to kill, injure others just, and some even seem endowed with the ability to think.

Modern Marvels. Mines / Modern Marvels. Landmines
In the forests, in the rice fields, deserts and oceans is very little 50,000,000 minutes. They can undermine the battleship, tank, fighter, but in most cases they are undermined civilians …

Modern Marvels. Parachutes / Modern Marvels. Rarachutes
Parachute — (French parachute, from the Greek para — against the French and the chute — fall), a device for the descent of a person or a non-hazardous cargo in the atmosphere from a great height.
In the first diagram and description of the parachute was given by Leonardo da Vinci in 1475. In 1783, French physicist L.Lenorman performed the first successful parachute jump from the tower of the observatory, and in 1797 the French balloonist A.Garneren made a successful jump from a balloon. In the years before the First World War, the parachutes used priemuschestvenno for jumping with balloons. During the First World War, they were used to rescue pilots shot down or malfunctioning of the aircraft. The inventor of the knapsack parachute is Gleb Kotelnikov. The main elements are the parachute fabric dome-shaped canopy and lines converging to the hinged system that holds the load. The dome is revealed by ripcord, which parachute stretched from the portfolio. The cloth dome swings open and stretched under the influence of air flow. Open dome has a large area, making a huge resistance to movement in the air and slows the fall. When open the canopy for a person has a diameter of about 9 m Dome cargo parachute can reach 30 m in diameter. Domes of the first parachutes were made of silk. At the current time often use nylon as a more robust and long-lasting material. First parachutes were made for jumping balloons. At the current time the parachute is a necessary part of the standard equipment for the pilots and crew of military aircraft. Parachutes are also used to deliver goods to places not accessible by other means of delivery. During the second world war parachutes were used for throwing and landing gear to the rear of the enemy and to supply troops at the front of the band. With the help of parachutes produce non-hazardous descent to earth of individual aircraft parts, such as the cockpit with the pilot. Parachutes are also used to reduce landing speed aircraft, allowing them to sit on rather short runways (for example, on an aircraft carrier). Landing parachutes are also used for braking in an atmosphere of artificial satellites and gallakticheskih vehicles with a crew upon their return from space to Earth. Development of new parachute systems and materials for their production actively underway and the current time. They initiated first need gallakticheskoy industry in order to ensure the landing of manned and unmanned vehicles on the planet solar system.

Modern Marvels. Underwear / Modern Marvels. Underwear
Another series of series "Modern Marvels" is devoted to an important part of our clothes. Learn the history of the production of underwear, bras, corsets, socks, T-shirts.

Modern Marvels. Chocolate / Modern Marvels. Chocolate
An amusing story about the history, production, and use of the 1 st of the most popular in the world of goods — chocolate.

Modern Marvels. Cool meat / Modern Marvels. Cold Cuts
The series tells of the so-called Cold Cuts (or coldcuts). Almost cool and chop. This concept (which hard to pick up the Russian equivalent *) denotes those meat products that are sliced and used in sandwiches. That is, sausage, pastrami, ham, etc. They are on sale (except for all the rest) are in the final for a sandwich sliced in sealed packaging. Hence the common title in the English environment. In the film can be carefully behold the entire production cycle of favorite meat products in the United States.

Modern Marvels — Develop Stealth / Modern Marvels — Stealth Technology
A movie of the series 2005 Modern Marvels tells of Stealth technology from the inception to the present day. Showing samples of the introduction of technology in military aviation and the Navy, telling about the people who stood at the origins of its implementation, including Peter Ufimtseva. The rare film and video footage (for example, declassified only in 2002 technology demonstrator Boeing Bird Of Prey, an experimental vessel with technology elements Stealth Lockheed Sea Shadow).

Modern doctors chudesa.Oprovergaya forecasts
Refuting the predictions of doctors God works miracles through God's mother and svyatyh.Dama refused to have an abortion, the Lord has promoted her. Next — a posthumous miracles Elder Sampson Sievers. Those who utter that attachment earth from the grave of this occult, let me remind boards and belt up. Paul treated the disease and cast out evil spirits, "God has wrought many miracles by the hands of Paul, so that patients lozhili handkerchiefs or aprons were carried away from his body, and they stopped the disease, and the evil spirits went out of them" (Acts 19, 11-12 ).

Modern Marvels — Ice Cream
The movie is dedicated to the turbulent history of ice cream, imported to America by Italian immigrants.

Modern Marvels. Fire / Modern Marvels. Fire
Coming out of control, it is converted into a monster that destroys everything around. Bound becomes an important tool of creation. We are able to produce and use, but will never be able to truly tame it. From the stove to the flamethrower, from fires to attractions. Now in the program "fire"

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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