Mogilev Democrats call to choose a single candidate

In Mogilev in the local community center "The Ring" was held today a regional conference of democratic forces. 59 delegates called her prominent opposition candidates for the presidency to unite and nominate a single candidate.

At a meeting of the Democrats of the region attended six of them — Yaroslav Romanchuk, Ales Mikhalevich, Alexander Milinkevich, Yuri Glushakov, Gregory Kastusyou and Vitaly Rymashevski.

At the conference, delegates summed up the local council elections. Have rated their participation in them. Elected a new governing body of the coalition united democratic forces in the region — the Board. They included nominees twenty organizations.

Determined by the delegates and the prospects of participation in the presidential election campaign. The nomination of a single candidate for the presidency of the Democratic Forces touched almost every speakers.

Edward Brokarau

"One candidate is needed. Individuals with democratic views will then be able to rally around a single goal fulfillment. If the Democrats will start to compete with each other, it will only benefit the regime, because these people, unfortunately, not so much," said an activist from Gourock Edward Brokarau.

An activist of the Free Trade Union of Mogilev Yuri Novikov has a different opinion:

"The main problem is not whether or not the single candidate. Main problem is that there is no election. Candidates to now united around one particular case. Example, the nomination of the people in the district and regional commissions. If they can identify with the commissions of people then we can say that there will be some choices. "

Nominee for the presidential candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk Mogilev said Democrats did not mind being the only candidate, but are willing to give and the other contenders:

If we do not start to consolidate, the Russian anyway appoint some person …

"We have a unique historical opportunity. If we do not start to consolidate, the Russian anyway appoint some person. However, we are then, Democrats will not allow for negotiations. After the election will be a huge landslide. Spinning the oligarchs, or bandits and buy up businesses at the root. "

Potential challenger in the presidential candidates Mikhalevich does not see a cure in a single democratic nominees. About it and he told delegates to the conference Mogilev

It may be two or three candidates, but that will take the entire electorate …

"We all missed the victory. We need to have those candidates who are able to make people believe in them. It may be two or three candidates, but that will take the entire electorate that does not support Lukashenko."

The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich not against a single candidate:

Should unite in accordance with the values …

"Unite should be according to the values. Association devoid of ideology does not work. Idea that we do not love mode — this is not enough for people. People want to know what will happen after. For me, everything is simple — freedom, democracy, the way to Europe. If some person would fit the criteria, I give my word that I will take under this man. "

Nominee for the presidency of the party "Green" Yuri Glushakov Mogilev urged Democrats not to dwell on the idea of a single candidate:

go to the polls in several columns …

"If we even go to the polls in several columns, you can be involved in the process even more people and we will get a much better result than if we put some artificial single, especially if agreement on this point."

Yaroslav Romanchuk

Yuri Glushakov



The results of the conference on the Rights of the organizer, summed nominee for the presidency of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou:

Gregory Kastusyou

"The work of association is largely undefined. We're still going to work together to form commissions, observation of the electoral process. Together let us make protests, including the area. Gradually work on entering it runs on a single stage of collecting signatures."

Conference was organized by a coalition of democratic forces Mogilev formed in July 2006. It is composed of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, the Belarusian Popular Front, the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada" Party of Freedom and Progress Party of the Left "Fair World", the Labour Party, Party "Hope" and the Free Trade Union and a number of local coalitions of the region. Coalition created for political election campaigns.

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