At different times there were different attitudes to birthmarks. There was even a "language of moles", it was thought that mole in the right place (mostly artificial — "fly") effectively emphasizes the "rock." There was also a national sign: "The more moles — the happier man."

Moles (nevi) is practically for each person. It is believed that the rate should be no more than 100. It is clear that people do not usually deal with counting, but the appearance of new moles in large numbers can not be ignored. And this is an occasion to refer to a specialist in skin tumors — because with the increase in the number of moles increases the risk of cancer. According to statistics, 70% of melanoma (the most aggressive of all tumors) arises from the long-existing pigmented nevi.

It often happens that a mole with his presence on the body are not happy, but only annoying: interferes with shaving, combing hair, rubbed a bag or clothing. Because of that mole isany inappropriate places, constantly inadvertently injured, its presence is not only unpleasant, but dangerous. It is these Molescan develop into melanoma.

When a mole can be dangerous?

  • There is a new mole, and it is rapidly increasing in size;
  • Change size, color, shape Moles;
  • In the field of moles occur itching, burning, tingling, there nodules, ulcers;
  • A mole is constantly injured, bleeding.

In such cases, it is necessary to refer to a dermatologist.

Methods of removing moles

In practice, apply several methods for removing moles: surgical, cryosurgery, electrocautery, laser.

Lasermethodhas a number of advantages:

  • In addition to the direct removal of a mole is the smallest spider veins thrombosis. It is notonly Prevents metastasis, but also virtually eliminates the loss of blood;
  • The skin regenerates (restored) is faster;
  • Possible to achieve a good cosmetic effect, which is important in removing moles on the face and exposed parts of the body.
  • Modern means of pain relief can almost feel the pain from the effects of the laser.

Certainly important, what laser system is used. Therefore, if you are facing a dilemma who to trust removal their moles, then go only to professionals who armed the most advanced medical technology and equipment.

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