More than 500 U.S. scientists have signed a document expressing their skepticism about the Darwinian theory of evolution


"We question the theory of natural selection. We consider it our duty to ask the scientific community to conduct a number of additional, more in-depth studies of Darwin's theory, "the statement says, writes

In the opinion of skeptical scientists, life on earth is too complex a process to its origin and further development could fit into the narrow framework of Darwin's theory of evolution.

The document was signed left five hundred and fourteen scientists, including one hundred fifty-four biologist, seventy-sixth of Chemists and sixty three physicists, the other "signatories" are engaged in related fields.
Meanwhile, the recent American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has invited more than 300 teachers, to whom she has to ask for support.
The purpose — to drive the doctrine of "reasonable plan" of educational programs. According to this theory, supported by some religious groups, life is too complex to manage in its development without the help of an external force, such as God.
In December, at the trial in Harrisburg (PA), the judge ruled that this theory, because it is not scientific, and aims to promote Christianity, should be excluded from school biology course. This victory was symbolic: the judgment is binding on all U.S. institutions. So in August, Kansas decided to introduce the theory of "rational plan" in the school curriculum under the pretext that "evolution is recognized by many researchers, but some question it," and "it is important that students are aware of these debates."
George W. Bush has taken up the argument, expressing the view in August that "teach to both" to "people understand the essence of the debate." Perhaps this is a reason.
Since the early nineties around Bush formed environment of Evangelicals and Catholics, acting as his advisers. One of them — Father Richard John Neuhausen, who until 1988 was a Lutheran pastor, and in 1991 became a Catholic priest — so close to the Bush figure that according to the magazine «Time», «like no other helps the president formulate religious ideas" .
The main issue for Neuhausen — how to send the right way apostate nation after more than a century of cultural decay. A simple answer: to guide it in moral terms, even against her own designs. Science must be based on faith, not vice versa. Is the slogan of a new revolution.
Education plays a key role. In mid-August, just before the hurricane "Katrina" at the "round table" in Texas, Bush declared himself a supporter of that school studied equally Darwinian evolution and the "theory of intelligent intervention."
Five years ago, Bush was one of those who are usually called creationists, that is, believed that Adam was created from the dust of the ground, and breathed life into him the Lord God, as taught in the second chapter of Genesis.
We know that in the U.S. more than a third kreatsinistov — almost as much as the supporters of Darwin's theory of evolution. Teaching of the Bible, according to Bush, it should be taken literally. Several months ago, Neuhausen forced him to change his view.
Viennese Archbishop Christoph Schoenborn in early July, outlined the principles of "intelligent intervention", which Bush enthusiastically accepted. This is not a refutation of Darwin, but the religious adjustment of his theories.
According to Schönborn, in the evolution of species there are gaps that can not be explained except by the intervention of the divine hand. The only way to understand the gulf that lies between the protozoa and, for example, complex structure of the human eye. Evolution exists, but the Lord directs it.
Neuhausen, presented the concept to the President in a simplified, accessible to him, and made an instant version support.
While politicians are theological controversy, researchers from the University of California refute some postulates of Darwin in practice.
Experiments carried out by researchers at the volcanic sources, have shown — Darwin's theory that life began in such circumstances, is not true.
The theory is that life could have formed in a "small warm pools," which are primarily associated with hot springs in volcanic areas of Kamchatka and Mount Lassen in California.
According to David Deamer, head of research, the results indicate that the warm acidic waters containing clay do not meet the conditions necessary for the emergence of the simplest living organisms. He added that the amino acids, DNA and phosphates so much "stick" to a piece of clay that the chemical interaction between them becomes impossible.
Dr. Max Bernstein Institute of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) in the U.S. believe that the possible components required for life, came to our planet from space dust. Professor Monica Grady, of the British Open University, in turn, does not exclude the possibility of Martian origin of life on Earth.

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