Most of the country sinking


All over the planet constantly observed redistribution surface, and quite active. Not long ago, the water had gone the whole island New Moor (New Moore) in the Bay of Bengal. And on the West Australian coast marked by an annual increase of water level by 8.6 mm, 5.6 mm above the average for the world. All this is accompanied by an active seismic and volcanic processes. The question arises: why Sumatra and Indonesia sink, and Britain, Japan and other coastal countries not? Maybe the reason is the lithospheric plates that are sinking, sink into the ocean?

Strongest earthquake in Chile shifted the city of Concepcion in the west at 3 meters. And in Africa, in the Afar Triangle watch breaks lithospheric plates. On the Atlantic coast, in the U.S., recorded high water level due to "land subsidence" and changes in the ocean floor topography.

Most of the country sinking

Over the Republic of Kiribati is a complete threat of flooding. President Anote Tong has alerted people to the possible need of resettlement, in the belief that the government now needs to take care of the citizens and the resettlement plan in case of Kiribati go under the water completely.

The territory of Kiribati consists mainly of coral atolls. The largest part of the archipelago is located above sea level, only a few meters.

How vividly explained the president, an island in some places are so thin that it is enough to throw a stone to knock them through the island.

This former British colony is now a part of the population of about one hundred thousand people. Climatologists predict sea level rise by the end of the 21st century is 1.1 m, and in this case, Kiribati, as well as many other countries in Oceania, will go under water. According to the President Anote Tong, Kiribati visit by representatives of countries with high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, will allow them to see the effects of climate change.

Specific resettlement places the president did not mention. At the same time, the National Council of Churches Karibati it was stated that the people who are forced, due to climate change from their homes, the international community must take care.

And what have the disappearance of entire countries off the map off the Chinese economy and U.S. prosperity? The most direct, the human rights activist. Global warming linked to economic growth, and it leads to flooding of small island nations. Add to this the tsunami and typhoons recently flushed several villages in Samoa and the Philippines, and can understand the fear of (the same Australia) before a wave of migrants, which will deliver the most sinking country.

If the people of the twentieth century, leaving the home usually for economic and political reasons, it is feared international organizations and demographers now become the main motive of the climate.

Vera Chentsova, Samogo.Net

Most countries © 2011 sinking

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