Movie Omen

Available teacher John Koestler (Cage) — just one week to explain a child's drawing of a mysterious time capsule and to convince the world approaching apocalypse. To do this, he must track down a granddaughter of one of the girls to draw prophetic messages.

After opening the "time capsule", which in 1959 a group of students place pictures with his vision of the future in the hands of Professor John Koestler gets a mysterious list, from top to bottom scribbled figures.

In search of the content decryption sheet, Koestler sets mysterious relationship between numbers and the world's biggest disasters that have occurred in the world over the past 50 years. If you believe the figures, tragedy is inevitable in the future, only now Koestler knows when to expect them. But is there a way to prevent them? And most importantly, what will happen when the string of numbers end?

Omen / Knowing (2009)

Category: Feature films

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