MSC offers air defense system «Archer-E»

MSC offers air defense system
Kolomenskaya Scientific and Production Company «Engineering Design Bureau» which is a holding company NPO «Precision complexes», on not so long ago concluded international exhibition of aerospace and naval engineering «LIMA 2013″ in Malaysia introduced aircraft missile system sverhblizhnego radius acts » Archer-E. «
«This is our new complex. It used generating sets «Sagittarius» for launching missiles «Igla-S». Besides aiming system is installed to form a self-contained complex defense flexible carrier «- explained the head of the import and export of goods and services of special NPK» Engineering Design Bureau «Igor Kashin. According to him, this complex provides defeat of modern tactical aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. «The system is designed to cover specific objects and forces in the mobile forms of battle and on the march from the blows of modern air attack funny day and NIGHT MODE setting the criteria of optical and thermal noise,» — said Cashin. The main advantages of this complex are the highest mobility and stealth inflated due to the introduction of passive detection and destruction, the ability to work from the outside as targeting, and independently, the highest noise immunity, the possibility of multiple launch rocket launching, a large ammunition — eight rockets on the launcher and more than eight — in boeukladke. «Archer-E» is able to destroy air targets at ranges of 500-6000 meters and a height of 10 — 3500 meters. Flight speed — 600 meters per second. Reaction time — from 5 to 11.5 seconds. Asia Pacific Engineering Design Bureau considers as one of the major markets. First, it is a subject of air defense. Not counting complex «Archer-E» MSC showed at the exhibition in Malaysia rocket «Igla-S», musculoskeletal launcher «horseman» complex «Sagittarius.»

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