«MSTA-S» tested in INDIA

Municipal Russian arms exporter «Rosoboronexport» seeks to expand cooperation with India and make joint creation on its territory. The company offers in the Indian tender self-propelled artillery system 2S19 «MSTA-S», reports armyrecognition.com.
Currently, Russian «MSTA-S» are sample tests in India. Gun mount chassis has the highest level of unification of parts and assemblies to the chassis of the T-90S, which is made under license from the Indian plant of heavy machinery in Avadi.
152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19 «MSTA-S» has developed and is now «Urapltransmash» in Yekaterinburg. In the Russian army, it was put into service in 1989.
The main armament is a long-barreled 2S19 152-mm howitzer 2A64, Curb ejector to remove the powder gases and muzzle brake. 2A64 gun is the plant «Barricades».
Representatives of «Rosoboronexport» also negotiating with Indian partners on current and future projects, including to modify previously supplied equipment — BMP-2, T-72 and T-90S.
According to a senior, last year Our motherland India exported arms and military equipment in the amount of 4.78 billion dollars.
Sales increased by more than 50%, compared with 2012, when the Russian arms exports to India amounted to about 3 billion dollars.

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