Mykolayiv Alumina Plant has supplied production record


UC RUSAL announces production record Nikolaev Alumina Refinery — issue since the beginning of the year 1.6 million tons of alumina.

NHP was put into operation in July 1980. Power was calculated to produce 1 million tonnes of alumina per year.

Achieving a record level of production was made possible thanks to the investments in the modernization of Rusal, which in 2000 amounted to about $ 350 million These funds were used to expand production, modernization and improvement of manufacturing processes. In particular, it was reconstructed lime kiln with the transfer of gaseous fuels, built-fifth calcination furnace, remodeled CHP. The positive role played by the development of the production system in the factory, through which equipment utilization increased in comparison with 2010 by 2.6%.

"This is one of the most significant achievements of the enterprise for 31 years of its existence. Over the past 11 years, the company has demonstrated an annual growth dynamics of the finished product: the 1999 NHP produced 992 thousand tons of alumina per year. Reconstruction and modernization of the plant continues to this day. At NHP created a group of associates, which evolves with the times, set goals and achieve them. As before, the priority areas of the enterprise will increase production efficiency, combined with the ongoing work to reduce costs, energy-saving program, the improvement of the social environment "- said Valery Matvienko achievement, director of Alumina Division" East "RUSAL.

In 2010, the NHP produced 1,534,000 tonnes of alumina with a total production capacity of 1.57 million tons of alumina per year.

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