Mysteries of the left little finger




Says private medical-bioenergotherapist from Voronezh Viktor Yakovenko.

One of the methods of the ancient oriental diagnosis — definition of health by hand. And the accuracy of the diagnosis was extremely high. Not only in the imperial palaces, but in every Eastern harem was a qualified physician. Doctors who treated the ladies, never saw any persons or bodies of their patients. The doctor made the conclusion about the health of the beautiful strangers, being able to explore only a hand stretched out into a narrow slit window of a medical office.

The most ancient healing art believed that the basic information about the state of health can be obtained by one Palchikov. They served as the little finger of his left hand. According to it, the healer determined such an important factor, as the reaction of the man on the external emotional climate. That is the impact of the environment, more precisely, the lack of defense response to the negative manifestations of reality, wise Eastern philosophers doctors explained the emergence of chronic diseases.

Also on the little finger are "meridians", relating to the system of the heart and small intestine, the principles of the interaction of the body which "shows" the appearance of the little finger: dots, pigmentation of the skin structure. At certain points the finger to apply pressure and reaction to pressure pain, or lack thereof, tingling or numbness — with a high degree of confidence determined the state of psycho-emotional sphere.

In neurotic anomalies produced acupressure. To have survived such simple recommendations. Massage a point located at the level of the nail bed, but on the inside of the finger, gives emotional tide and the "nerve" of forces, reduces stress, calms the heart, improves sleep. The pulsating pressure on this point was used for the withdrawal of syncope. The top part of the finger recommended before meals massage for those who suffer obesity and immoderate appetite.

Patients were massaging finger tip alone, having learned the following rule:

men can massage the left little finger counterclockwise until noon, and in the afternoon — clockwise. For all the lovely ladies the exact opposite: in the morning in a clockwise direction in the afternoon — against. And at high noon this wonder-point touch forbidden for both men and women.

On the little finger of his left hand, in his reactions to the touch conclusions were drawn about the functional state of the pancreas, lung, stomach, kidney, bladder and gall bladders. Effective treatment is massage techniques: stroking, with the rotation of the pressure, acupuncture, which doctors have been working all the same little finger.

Overall improvement and harmonization of all internal organs on a point inside of the finger, which is the projection of the middle of the base nail bed, stuck a seed or bright beads. The more relaxed and phlegmatic patient was, the more colorful bead fixed on his little finger.

Ancient East — home manicure. Eastern healers believed that the red color of nail plate facilitates the easy increase energy, and green has a strong tonic effect. They were advised to paint the nails on his pinky red of any shade — it helped to avoid the harmful effect of stress on the entire body.

Doctors warned fashionistas: yellow nail polish reduces the stability of the psyche, and the blue, blue and black are simply dangerous "pull" of new diseases.

For those who do not paint nails, it was recommended to wear a gold ring on his little finger. However, the treatment had a particular ring shape — they have not been closed, ie had a small incision. The owner of the ring was always cheerful, happy, confident in their abilities. Such a ring favorably impacted the health of the liver and improves the functioning of the pancreas. Men wore it on his little finger on the right, and women — left hand.

Tamara Wolski


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