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Legendary Atlantis is actually Ireland, said Swedish researcher

The legendary island of Atlantis really exist, and that is the Republic of Ireland. Such a hypothesis put forward in his book, a Swedish researcher Ulf Erlingsson, the newspaper "Irish half."

He argues that the ancient description of Atlantis is more suited to the Atlantic Ocean to the island of Ireland. "I wonder why no one had noticed this striking resemblance, — said the scientist. — As well as the legendary island, the size of Ireland is 300 miles long (north to south) and 200 miles wide (west to east) , and the largest length to the width is in the central part of the "Emerald Isle."

"According to ancient legends of Atlantis have been the same relief as that of Ireland, — said the geographer. — Its middle part is plain that rises to the edges of the island, being replaced by low mountains." "I have studied all the islands of the globe, and of 50 more or less appropriate in size only to the Irish island is the center of the plain," — said Ulf Erlingsson.

One of the most beautiful and mysterious legends of antiquity — Atlantis — once existed fertile densely populated island in the Atlantic Ocean, which is 11.5 thousand years ago due to a natural disaster sank to the bottom.

For the first time humanity has learned about Atlantis from the descriptions of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, according to which it was created by the god Poseidon, the water element for your sweetheart. Atlantis has gradually become a flourishing and powerful kingdom, but its inhabitants gradually gained pride and lust for power than they have incurred the wrath of the gods. There was a terrible earthquake, and the island is swallowed deep.

Quest Atlantis haunt scientists around the world. Many hypotheses have been her looking at different latitudes of the Atlantic Ocean. In his book The Swedish researcher is trying to prove that his theory has a right to life.

Evgeny Tkachev, corr. ITAR-TASS in Dublin


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