Mystery of Slavic Literature

I love fairy tales. As a child, a lot of reading in the library and always had a lot of books with fairy tales. But to get to the tale, we should talk a little about the origins of our Slavic alphabet, our language, and even our heritage.
Initially we had no written language, because we communicate by telepathy. This is the language used by animals and plants. But then some people started to fall behind in the evolutionary development, and they had to use language to communicate. "Thought expressed — is a lie" — an axiom.
And then began appearing writing. The original script was shaped: the transmitted image. Then came the more primitive writing.

Lumpy. Signs of this writing is not written down, but passed through knots, tied on strings. To the basic narrative thread tying knots that make word-concept (hence — "nodules on memory", "associate of thought," "connect the word with the word", "confusing to say", "the knot of problems", "tangled plot", "tie" and "decoupling" — the beginning and end of the story.)
One concept is separated from the other common thread (hence — "writing with a new line"). Important point also knit a red thread (hence — "runs through the whole story"). Thread clew (hence — "muddled thinking"). Keep those balls in special boxes bark (hence — "tell a story with three boxes").

Preserved and saying: "What she knew, she said, are strung on a string". Do you remember in the fairy tales, Prince Ivan, before going on a trip, get a ball from Baba Yaga? This is not a ball, but the old guide. Unwinding it, he read knotted records and find out how to get to your destination.
Of nodular letter mentioned in the "source of life" (Message Two): "Echoes of the battles got into the world that he lived-was on the Midgard-earth. In fact porubezhe had the land and lived on it the light of pure race. Memory has kept a lot of times, tying knots in the thread of past battles ".

About holy nodular letter is mentioned in the Karelian-Finnish epic "Kalevala":

'Cause me songs rain.
I blew the wind songs.
Brought waves of the sea …
I am one ball had looped them
And one I tied a bunch of …
And under the rafters in the barn
In a copper casket hid them. "

Recorded Elias Lönnrot, a collector of "Kalevala", is even more interesting strings to them from the famous rune-singers-Pertunena Archippus Ivanov (1769 — 1841). Rune-singers sang them as introductions before the execution of the Runes:

"This is unknotted.
Here loosen ball.
I zapoyu song of the best,
Of the finest execute … "

Russ came to the creature, to conceal the truth about their origins, their hostility to the race and capture the planet, declared "nauzy" (nodular letter) witchcraft, and the wearing of "charm" (node-wards from the word "bayat" — to say) — sinful act.

Was written BULK, which, even on the plane depicted in volume. Pictured on the plane signs nodular letter called volume Tragami or ligature. Ability to surround vision achieved defocus view. Stereoscopic effect is enhanced by overlapping the text rendered thoughtforms.
Such holographic color moving "pictures" explain the meaning of the written material. Volume letter was very difficult for writing and reading, so it is used only specially trained priests Da'Ariyskie-Keepers.

Then he turned into a letter PLANE. Further, it was even more primitive Syllabic. And now we have imposed Phonetically letter. Reading phonetically, we, as it were, slipping on the surface, not being able to go into the depths. A smattering of all said to be incomplete, distorted, ie lie.
TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING depth, you need to master than a combination of letters, not BUKVONAPISANIE, and compound, the compound in effect: why it says so, and it is different and what is the point is to invest. So this will be the most correct: you need to know basis, in order to understand the rest.

It is not coincidence that in 1917 the initial training is mandatory gave a basic knowledge of Old Church Slavonic. Starts with education (vocation of the image), ie the ability to connect and understand the meaning of words, and drop caps. And without this skill (the key) to obtain access to the ancient texts, and the rest was considered bezsmyslenno training.
In education, the main thing is set and improving the quality characteristics compared with those with whom we come here, and not a pattern memorization of words, phrases, concepts, and images …. etc.


According to the wisdom of our ancestors, "image" — a set of diverse knowledge together in any specific description of an object or phenomenon. Each image carries a deep essence. This enables us to understand the nature and purpose of the existence of this image.

That child is in the initial stage of training are able to penetrate deep into the heart of any image, including ways of thinking, avoiding secondary. Ability to understand the primary meaning of the image, bright and detailed image of the present, to think in images, ie able — it means to be a magician.

Mage one that can. Russian language was and still remains a language of images of deep meaning, as opposed to European, giving the superficial (breadth) understanding of the information.

In ancient times the Slavic-Aryan people, there are four basic letters Major Genera White Race. The oldest of the surviving documents were written runes or runes.

Ancient Runes is not letters or characters in our modern sense, but a kind of secret images that convey a huge amount of ancient knowledge. Warning signs and numbers and letters, and individual objects or phenomena, or frequent, or very important.

Both linguists, who claim that they can read the runic text deceived. They select only the "tops", unaware of the "roots." Each rune Karuna (union runes) has over 144 semantic! Deciphering these texts was conducted by professionals who had a gift to connect and understand the way the image of Runes — darrungami.
Grapheme Karuna and Holy Russia Drop Caps to prescribe under the so-called "high places" feature. But the images they carry in themselves, are often not the same. To identify the desired image that is embedded in the text, in addition to the "simple reading" made three so-called "deep reading" (staged decryption).

The result of each stage is the "key" to move to the next stage. All four readings were combined in a single text (easy reading — everyday wisdom, deep reading — the highest order of wisdom). Conversely, the depth of information superimposed on a public text (easy to read), using it as a carrier matrix.
The result was a kind of "information matryoshka" for public use. The common people repeated it in songs, hymns, glorification of the gods from century to century.

So simply and reliably safeguard information in time. And the priests kept the "keys" to decrypt ancient wisdom. This was the common form of knowledge in saving the past.

Saved our heritage in the form of books, and Vedic texts give the main proof of not only their expertise, but the proof of the primacy of the Slavic-Aryan culture on Midgard-Earth, because from the time of its settlement White Peoples recorded, stored, transmitted from one generation to the commandments of the Gods , Wisdom ancestors, the Vedic knowledge.

How it differs with what is still taught in schools, and constantly imposed in books and on television, saying that the Greek monks allegedly gave "illiterate" rusam Slavic alphabet and taught us how to read and write!
The difficulty of establishing the origins of Russian literature are related to lack of knowledge of native history, the lack of written primary sources and biased views.

ALL This is not only merciless time and natural disasters, but also to a great degree of widespread destruction of written sources during the "Christianization" Slavs.

Old Russian books and manuscripts: wooden boards, birch bark, Santa (texts of the precious metal) Burned and melted Prince Vladimir and missionaries strangers, christened Russia, depriving the Russian people of historical memory. Especially valuable ancient chronicles on expensive parchment scraped monks and filled the church texts.
Destruction of Russian national culture continued other princes and kings, who claimed their power. The church has made a full submission and control over society and of each individual, which led to a drop in the level of literacy, and, consequently, the culture!

Language originally white race existed on the basis of four main and two auxiliary types of writing:

Da'Ariyskie Tragi — is shaped characters that combine sophisticated three-dimensional marks, transmitting values multidimensional and diverse runes. Some of these crypto-hieroglyphic symbols is the basis of cryptograms Crete — Mycenaean culture, and hieroglyphic writing of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Chinese, Korean and Japanese species of hieroglyphic writing.

H'Ariyskaya Karuna — a union of 256 runes (144 main and 112 auxiliary runes) or priestly writing. Karuna is the basis of the ancient Sanskrit Devanagari, was used by the priests of India and Tibet. In simplified form, Karuna used western Slavs and Aryans.

Rasenskie Molvitsy or Mirror Image-mail. This script called Etruscan writing, as they wrote the Etruscans, who called themselves Rasen — the same Slavs and Aryans who inhabited in ancient times, Italy. That letter was the basis of the ancient Phoenician alphabet.


Holy Russia images or letter, was the most common letter of our birth in antiquity. There are various options to reduce the initial letters: drevneslovenskaya or old Russian alphabet; Velesovitsa Veles book or font, font volhvarey Holy Russia — texts written on the tablets of sacred trees, Church Slavic alphabet. Drevneslovensky or Old Russian language formed the basis of many European languages, including English.

Glagolitic or commercial email is used for processing transactions and commercial contracts. With this letter, written a lot of books that are currently on the existing monuments of ancient history and literature.

Slovenian national letter "birch bark" letter or "traits and cuts," was the most simple and used for short messages.
What remains today of the heritage of their ancestors? In modern Russian language textbook does not even mention runes, Glagolitic, features and Rezah. Contrary to many studies, the creators of the Slavic alphabet still called Cyril and Methodius?
And today, in all Slavic countries celebrate the so-called Day of Slavic Writing and Culture, praising Byzantine monks. They came, they say, the overseas educators to irrational and "wild Slavs" and showered them in writing.

And Cyril and Methodius is not that nothing is created, but instead robbed Russian. The purpose of this diversion (otherwise you could not tell) was to provide an easier translation of the Bible, the name of which subsequently occurred cleaning all forms of native Slavic culture.


At the same time, "Pannonian life" Kirill said that when he arrived in the Korsun (Chersonese) at the end of 860, and there he was shown the church books written by "Russian literature."
Cyril used the Slavic drop cap that existed at the time, consisting of 49 letters, while he removed the five letters, and four gave the Greek name. The result was the Cyrillic alphabet — Church Slavonic alphabet, which was designed to open the way of a Byzantine church on Russian soil.

And why are not going to like this monk FIVE LETTERS OF OUR ANCIENT initial letter?
It appears that they transmit throat and nasal sounds. LOSING guttural sound, people gradually loses THROAT SINGING — special vibrations of the vocal cords, but the absence of nasal negative effect on the pituitary gland, which is the center WILL.
Now we all know that sound — a vibration of a certain frequency. With the help of the sound can be treated, but can destroy the wall. Our ancestors knew the secret power of the sound, and a large number of phonemes in the ancient language was no accident.

Thus logical to name this day — Destruction Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. It is much more in line with the essence!

In times of Yaroslav the Wise was seized another letter, thus remaining 43 letters. A second blow struck Peter I, when removed just seven letters, which corresponded to the vowel sounds.
In addition, he introduced a new writing letters on the Western model. It is known that Peter brought up strangers, was an opponent of the true Russian and reform of the Russian language he gave at the mercy of foreigners.

It is noteworthy that all the reforms of the Russian language performed the non-Russian people. What does this mean? It is known that for the enslavement of the people must first conquer his spirit, to impose their faith, and the second — to suppress its distinct culture, break connection with the ancestors, from their native land. And the root of any culture is the native language.

By the early 19th century Slavic letter lost another three letters (images). In this case, added three new characters — "I", "e" and "e." The most destructive reform of the Russian language was held Lunacharsky, two months after the Bolshevik victory.
This reform has destroyed a sacred part of the language — the images of letters. By force of arms seized i («and» a decimal), and yat, and izhitsa Fitou. Semivowels er (b) and Eph (s) have become hard and soft character.

Originally Slavic alphabet looked like this:
Az Gods Vdi Verbs good is exceedingly AM Zhivot Earth Begotten Izhei Init Herve Kako People Myslte On Nash's apartments Rtsy Slov Tvrdo Uk Oak Fert Her Ot Chrrvl Sha Qi Er shta EASURES Eph Yun Yat apb Edo Om Yen Od Eta Ota Xi Psi Fita Izhitsa Izha.

And now this: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z H C N E W L Ya lost information of the ABC, its images. Devoid of images, language has become ugly. That's what happened to the legacy of our ancestors, with the "great and powerful" Russian language, unjustly violated, mocked and forgotten.

Russian alphabet — a unique phenomenon among all known methods of alphabetic writing. At ABC, and only there, is the content. Proto-Slavic Alphabet is a message — a set of coding phrases, allowing each sound of the language system to make one graphic line — that is the letter.

Now read the message of the Slavonic alphabet. Consider the first three letters of the alphabet — Az, Buki, Vedi.
Az — "I".
Buki (buky) — "Letter writing."

Lead (Veda) — "Knew" committed by the past tense of "vediti" — to know, know.
Combining akrofonicheskie names of the first three letters of the alphabet, we find the following sentence: Az Buki Veda: I KNOW THE LETTER.

Combined into phrases and all subsequent letters of the alphabet:
The verb — "Word", and not only spoken, but written.
Good — "Property acquired by wealth."
There is a (natural) — 3rd l. u Part of the verb "to be."
Verb good naturalWord — is a legacy.

Live (Instead of the second "i" before the letter was written "yat" pronounced zhivyte) — imperative, plural of "live" — "to live in labor, not to vegetate."

(Ds = combination aired ringing c) — "hard, with zeal ', cf. Eng. zeal (stubborn, zealous), jealous (jealous), and the Biblical name Zelotes — "jealous."
Land — "Planet Earth and its inhabitants, humans."
And — The word "and."
Begotten — "Those who are the same."
Kako — "Like", "like".
People — "Being reasonable."
Zelo live, land, people and others kako: Live work harder, earthy, and, as befits PEOPLE.

Think (Written with the letter "yat" myslyte pronounced,) — imperative, pl. Part of the "think, understand the mind."
Nash — "Our" in the usual sense.
On — "Shalt" to mean "the only one."
Rest (rest) — "Base (the universe)." Wed "Rest" — "based on …".
Think nash on quarters: Comprehend our universe.

Rtsy (RCI) — The imperative: "They say men spoke, read it out loud." Wed "It."
Word — "Transmitting knowledge."
Firm — "Certainty and conviction."
Rtsy word firmly: Bring KNOWLEDGE beliefs.

Uk — The basis of knowledge doctrine. Wed science, learning, skill practice.
Fert, f (b) ret — "Fertilized."
Her — "Divine, this again." Wed it. Herr (Lord, God), Greek. "Jerome" (divine), Eng. hero (hero), and the Russian name of God — Horse.
Uk fret Her: Knowledge fertilizes the Almighty, knowledge — God's gift.

Qi (chi, TIC) — "Tochi, penetrate, penetrate, be of good cheer."
Worm (Worm) — "He who wears away, gets."
W (t) and (W, W) — The "what" in the sense of "to."
B, b (er / Eph, r) — Are versions of one letter short vowel means uncertainty close to e.
Yus — "Light, Old Russian jar." In modern Russian the root of the "jar" is preserved, for example, in the word "clear."
YAT (Yati) — "To understand, to have." Wed remove, take, etc.
Particle, worm shta ra yus yatiBe of good cheer, Tochi, (as) the worm to LIGHT beings to comprehend.

The totality of the above phrases and is alphabetical MESSAGE:
(Yaroslav Kesler)

Az Buki Veda:
Verb natural goodness.
Zelo live, earth,
And others like kako people
Think nash on rooms.
Rtsy word firmly —
Uk fret her.
Particle, worm shta
Ra yus yati!
Work harder, excavation,
As befits intelligent people —
Comprehend the universe!
Bring WORD beliefs —
Knowledge — the gift of God!
Take heart, penetrate, TO
Light beings to comprehend!

And you want to get a clear idea of what is in the written our Slavic ancestors (as possible)?

Try to restore the meaning of the phrase "lifestyle."
"O-B-b-R-Az" — an abbreviation for drop caps, and consists of: On, Bog, Er, Rtsy, Az
Adding the sense of each initial obtain OH GOD solubility Recom ACOM.
"MRS N-N-L" — is also an abbreviation: Belly, the earth, Nash, Eph
This means: the stomach of our country, to create over.

Combining the words "image" and "life", we get the result: GOD AND ONE OF solubility ACOM faces or ALIVE BEING IN ONE OF QUALITY.
And the "Alive" — a unit of life, or our true Ya
What a beautiful result!

Like it? Then move on.

"D-U-R-A": Welcome originally sent multiplied Asom.
"B-O-D — B-L-b" God Verbs Sotvoryasha, ie showing thoughts through words.
"D-O-N-G-b": Welcome signified People Verbs Sotvoryasha (transmit).
"CE-B-I": Behold God Is image, ie a descendant of the gods.
"P-O-R-b": he spake Welcome create.

The current generation, which, according to historians, reached a peak of enlightenment, not to mention never seen, but do not want to learn, and download reshebnik 9 in algebra class. The problem is not only the children, but in the system as a whole. Teaching in a dead language incomprehensible symbols can lead to an understanding of processes and events, but only to the simple memorization. Unclaimed material, even memorized, quickly forgotten.

Our current state of the divine is not named, but the will of the ancient Russians always have the choice to work for foreign or cooperate with friends in spirit and blood friends and family. Although we have already used to the foreign way of life, but it's time to remember his true likeness, and her roots.
Now you may find yourself and find out the meaning of each of the Russian word. Simply break up the word in the letters and substitute them as such from the ancient Slavic Az Buki.
This is the real co-creation that leads you to the Joint Vedanyu Being that nurture eternal soul and fill awareness, meaning and happiness all your life.

And for us it is important to go back to the original roots and to the original "language", which use animals, plants, minerals and people — telepathy!



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