Nabezobraznichali holes in the sky …

Who is to blame, it's so hot? On the question has been answered Grodno passers-by.

An old woman: "God, exactly, is angry with us."

Elderly man: "It would be a political warming — it would be good. And the heat that we somehow survive."

Elderly man: "Hot weather — is climate change. Yet Nostradamus, I think, 450 years ago predicted that there will be a sharp warming. And the fact that he predicted, at least to date, all coming true. He predicted that Russia will be riots that in tsarist Russia will not come to power a resident of the Caucasus. This, he said, 450 years ago. "

Woman: "We're waiting for this heat, we've both wanted to finally come summer heat — and it came. I think it was a universal desire. One should take action because there really is dying and the harvest, drying, too much heat. A Lukashenko, the government … the government is not to blame, he also can not set our weather. weather in this country — maybe not the natural conditions. "

Young people:
"Whose fault is it that hot? Do not know — who. Here nature. NADYM dofiga gases, and all the works!".

Young woman: "The winter was cold and the summers — hot, climate, ecology. Rather, it is due. A power? Prohibit harmful emissions into the atmosphere, it seems to me unrealistic. Purification plant is very expensive. This work is not one year, takes decades. This people need to change, a different attitude to this. "

An old woman:
"And who is to blame? Nature, nature has created and so not only in Belarus, but everywhere one looked there — everywhere so hot. Nothing stood."

Man: "It is not God be angry, it's too many holes in the sky, launching satellites there, the missiles."

Reporter: "Lukashenko also wants to run the Belarusian satellite".

"Run, enough money, there's going to raise the retirement from the first of August and wages."

"Yes, I basically endure the heat normally, I like. I'm from Russia, from the Volga, for me, it's quite usual. And the reason? Have not had hot weather, there has to be stepped on. Like".



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