NAFTAN waiting for oil from Venezuela

Novopolotsk "Naftan" will receive Venezuelan oil, which arrived in the Estonian port of Muuga, July 29-30.

"Naftan" will begin processing as soon as it has accumulated sufficient technological Party, Interfax reports with reference to the Belarusian oil company.

Technology for processing will be largely similar to the one used at the Mozyr refinery. Venezuelan oil is processed separately from the Belarusian and Russian raw materials. Processing of the next party starts when the plant is about 7.6 million tons of oil, which comes in tanks by rail. It is expected that such an amount of oil will be made in early August.

"Naftan" ready for processing both technically and technologically.

The fifth tanker with Venezuelan oil for Belarus arrived at the port of Muuga July 23. It has a capacity of 80,000 tons. Before oil came through the port of Odessa on the Oil Refinery.

For transportation of the party will be used 22-23 trains.

Belarusian Oil Company continues to explore the possibility of trans-shipment of Venezuelan oil through the ports of Latvia and Lithuania, but a concrete decision is pending.

In July, Belarus plans to supply about 320,000 tons of oil from Venezuela.


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