Nasha Niva appeal notice in court

This is "Radio Liberty" said editor Andrei Skurko. He noted that the editors do not agree with warnings Ministry of Information.

"In the first warning of the Ministry of Information throws us into the blame the heading -" The Godfather confiscated. "This is an article about the history of the disappearance of the 25th issue of the newspaper from July 7 2010. There describes the events after the fact, that a barrage of calls from readers who have not found "Nasha Niva" in the stands. The Ministry of Information is not satisfied that we have used the word "confiscated". They give a definition that the confiscation — is uncompensated seizure by law some material values. Like, the fact of withdrawal was not. Secondly, according to the "Belsajuzdruk", that number has gone on sale. But the fact is that readers are not able to find it on newsstands.

In the second notice of the Ministry of Information to put us in the guilt that we are heading, "Belarusian Republican Youth Union advertises the movie" The Godfather "used the word" advertising. "Like, for BRYU action carried out by them near Komarovka was not advertising. And so we serve untrue information and degrade the business reputation of the legal entity. " These are the warning. It's clear that the editors do not agree with them. "

Both warning somehow related to the famous film "The Godfather" shown on NTV. Andrei Skurko said:

"Coincidentally, both warnings somehow related materials and even the titles of those materials, which refers to" The Godfather. "I think that these warnings primarily data for the overall tone of the newspaper " Nasha Niva "And in a sense it is a recognition of our achievements. In the sense that we are able to give the reader the information they are trying to hide from him."


"Nasha Niva"

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