National Bank has identified the most profitable and unprofitable banks

Turned out to be the most successful year for Privat. The largest Ukrainian bank received Rs 1.53 billion in net profit. The worst results showed the bank "Tavrika."

The top ten most profitable also included UGB (1.1 billion USD), VTB Bank (951 million USD), Oschadbank (566 million USD), ING Bank (552 million USD), Citibank (484 million USD), Sberbank of Russia (410 million USD), Credit Agricole (409 million USD), FUIB (271 million USD), and OTP Bank (262 million USD).

The most unprofitable steel pot "Tavrika" (-1.09 billion USD), Swedbank (-527 000 000 USD), Erste Bank (-466 000 000 USD), Pravex (-302 000 000 USD), Universal Bank (-273 000 000 UAH ), VAB Bank (-232 000 000 USD), BM Bank (-206 000 000 USD), BTA Bank (-103 000 000 USD), Kredobank (-61 million USD), ProFin Bank (-51 million USD).

Recall, the total profit of Ukrainian banks in 2012 was 4.9 billion USD. The banking system in the past year was profitable for the first time after three years of loss-making activities

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