Natural energy. A good example!

German Village produces 321% more electricity than it needs!
This villagers Vildpoldsrid in Bavaria has been achieved through the use of solar, wind and water.

In 1997, community residents invested a lot of money in the development of municipal infrastructure. During the last 14 years in the production of electricity from renewable sources to farmers managed to earn enough money in the country, with less than 2,600 people, have been erected nine public buildings, including a new school, its own theater, club and pub-the-art gymnasium and even a nursing home, according to BioCycle.

To do this, in the vicinity of villages chipped were built four biogas digesters, which produce 320,000 kW of energy per year, seven windmills, a year producing more than 12 MW, and three small hydropower plants. Later appeared a new environmentally safe system to prevent floods and natural system of treatment and disposal of wastewater. Another methane reactor and two additional "windmill" (2.3 MW each) will be built in the near future. Average annual total cost of energy produced is € 4 million

Such outstanding achievements are the result of a modest community collaboration Administration, small businesses and residents enthusiasts. I had to take a few new legal documents villagers banned throw in the garbage plant and food waste, explained how to organize a compost pile, stimulated the development of new technologies in agriculture, purchase and installation of solar panels on the roofs of their houses.

About 190 private households were equipped with solar panels, connected to the new district heating network without using fuel oil, and passed an additional check on the need and the level of heat insulation. The municipality even pledged to pay any owner of € 15 for each "square" of land owned by him, if he, in turn, agrees to build on this land energy-efficient house.

In an environmental project for the construction of windmills, gas and hydro power reactors could invest only local residents, each of which has invested in the development of their village from € 5000 to € 25,000 and the result was a minimum of 8% to 10% profit. The villagers made a contract with the regional energy company, which guaranteed them a discounted rate for the purchase of surplus energy produced. Income derived from this, ordinary citizens were not allowed to just pay off the bank loans taken for the purchase of solar panels, but also make the production and conservation of electricity in its own economy, and due to the property of the community.

Various benefits for all those involved in the development of solar energy in Germany, provided by EEG from 2000 "On power industry transition to renewable energy." In the near future the said municipality — connecting electrical Siemens Smart Grid, purchase 37 electric vehicles for the general needs of local residents, the construction of a new hotel, and the development of tourism and attract interested youth to share best practice with other regions.

Serious accident at a nuclear reactor in Fukushima, which occurred as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan this spring, prompted the German government to force the transition to new sources of power, failure of the peaceful atom and the gradual closure of all German nuclear power plants. Example Vildpoldsrid village can be a good tool for the implementation of such programs.

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