NEFAZ released his 10000th bus!


Last Friday, September 27, the eve of the professional holiday avtozavodchan — Machinist's Day out of the gate assembly plant went ten thousandth anniversary passenger bus NEFAZ-5299.


The assembly shop of bus production in the day held a solemn meeting. Director General NEFAZ Raif Malikov congratulated on this significant event. He expressed his profound gratitude to all those who stood at the cradle of bus production, to all who are working today in all areas, creating a modern competitive car. R.S.Malikov presented certificates of appreciation particularly distinguished avtobusostroitelyam.

Congratulated the plant workers and Zabir GARIPOV, the first director of the AP. 

Sincere and excited speech was the master of Vyacheslav Goryachev.

They all remembered the difficult early years, filled with enthusiasm, passion, creativity and inspired work.

At bus production already has its own history, which is 13 years old.

In 2000, the plant's management was adopted "The program of development of passenger buses on the chassis of" KAMAZ ". Bus chassis "KAMAZ-5297" was developed in 1997. The plant at that time was about 20,000 square meters of production space available unfinished — walls so the roof without roof, inside — waist-high grass yes pits filled with water. But the designers and engineers have created a shift buses, and the workers had some experience screwdriver assembly of passenger buses "Mercedes-Benz Turk". Therefore, objectively assessing the realities of the day and their capabilities, the team led by CEO R.S.Malikova decides to create a brand new product and is rapidly moving forward.

In August 2000, began the development of design documentation. The base model was created in record time — in four months. This is a unique case — not one Russian bus manufacturer in those years in such a short time did not create the base model bus. In parallel with the construction of bus production process was developed that is consistent with the production of world-class coaches.

Directly to the production of a prototype bus "NEFAZ-5299" began Sept. 9, 2000. When avtozavodchane decided to produce passenger buses, the skeptics were many, many people advised not to take risks.

However, December 6, 2000 the factory gates went the first passenger bus NEFAZ-5299. It was an event for the whole country.

Work on a bus headed designers Camille Ziyangirov, Bulat Habibullin, Oleg Porubov, Robert DAVLETSHIN. A further plant management took the unprecedented step — the creation of a new bus has been entrusted to yesterday's graduates Gulnaz Akhmerova, Constantine Sayginu, Shangareyev Airat, Muhametdinova Juris, Erkeevu Valeria Shamsumovu diamond, Sozykin Alexei. The designers work closely with experienced professionals experimental workshop Shamil Khalilov, Ilyusom Zakirzyanovym, locksmiths scum Gainetdinov, Wazir Nurislamova, welder Timergaleyev Nurgaliyev loggers Kamil Mutagarovym, Almira Ganiev, Salavat Akhiyarova, mechanic-repairman Alexander Peshkov, Sergei BULYCHEVA electrician, painter Almas Nurtdinova and others.

For the design, technology and organization of production of passenger buses of the State Prize of the Republic of Bashkortostan, 2001 in Science and Technology awarded the CEO of "NEFAZ" R. S. Malikov, Technical Director VM Sjutkin and chief pilot plant ZA GARIPOV.

In 2001, the Governments of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan received orders for a large party buses. On the passenger NEFAZ found in the neighboring regions. Instead of the planned 50 units in 2001 were produced 115 buses.

On the basis of the city bus was developed suburban option. August 21, 2001 was presented to buyers — transport workers and oil industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan — the first shuttle bus "NEFAZ-5299-01". This bus has acquired Neftekamskoye drilling department.

Designing such productions as a bus up to the 90s by a specialized design institutes of the Ministry of the automotive industry. NEFAZ also carried out the design of production in manufacturing passenger buses on their own. This work was engaged in the department under the direction of the Chief Technologist, VA Hazova. The development of the project for construction, electrical, HVAC and other areas met the designers Development Bureau under the leadership E.R.Korovkinoy. The chief engineer of the project was G.M.Ravilova. The development of the technological part of the project completed production engineers plant I.S.Sadikova (okrasochnoy complex) T.L.Svetlichnaya (assembly and welding shop) T.P.Tuktarova (assembly shop) G.B.Zimin, N.Remennikova (mehanozagotovitelny shop).

October 4, 2002, on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the plant was put into operation the second phase space, which is placed on a unique set of paint manufacturing firms USF-OLT (Germany). Introduction to the structure of this complex is allowed to reach full capacity of production — 1500 buses per year.

The designed capacity is able to implement in just 4 years. We had to work hard to quickly develop new versions of buses, while constantly improve the quality of engineering. These tasks are performed and continue to perform under the leadership teams M.M.Galimov, F.K.Hasanova, I.F.Ayupova, B.I.Hazieva, A.V.Syutkina, V.I.Saharova.

Bus production today — it's 28 variants of passenger buses of urban, suburban, intercity and tourist classes. This advanced equipment from leading European companies, such as "TRUMPF", "KALTENBACH", "USF-OLT", "VOLLERT", "WAGNER" (Germany), "LVD" (Belgium), "DYNOBEND" (Netherlands), "HELIOS" (Slovenia). This cutting-edge technology in the blank, welding, painting and assembly departments. And most importantly — it's a highly professional team, able to solve all the challenges of the modern market vehicles.

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