Nevsky Shipyard repaired 47 vessels in 2012

During the navigation season 2012 (April — October) Ltd. "Nevsky Shipyard" has repaired 47 vessels.

Average repair ships were "Dmitry Pozharsky" "Vyatka", "Uzola-3", "MB-1217", "Irkutsk HPP" OT-2444 ": modernization — ship" MB-1217 "; renovations — barge-2033; repair machinery and equipment of the ship — the ship "Lezhevo", "sandal", "SNM", "Volga 4007", "Monaco", "Bratsk hydroelectric power station", "Aldan" barge-2034, "Kanin."

Refurbished hatch cover on the boat, "Monaco", established the foundations of a barge and barge-2033-2034, replaced by an anchor on the ship "Karl Marx", "Volga-Don-113", stripped and held defect inspection of ballast tanks, "Volga-Baltic-231 . "

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