Nevsky Shipyard started mooring trials salvage vessel Rescue Karev

«Nevsky Shipyard" started mooring trials of multipurpose salvage vessel with capacity of 4 MW project MPSV07 — «Rescue Karev" (building number 701) at the request of Rosmorrechflot. The press service of the shipyard.

Overall length of the vessel — about 73 m, width — about 16.60 m, draft on waterline — 4.5 m, the speed at full speed — 15 knots.

Rescue vessel project intended MPSV07 patrols, rescue duty in the areas of shipping, fishing, offshore oil and gas fields; provide technical support and assistance in areas hazardous to navigation and seafood production, maintenance of transport operations in ports.

In addition, the problem of this type of vessel is to search and to assist vessels in distress, search, rescue, evacuation and accommodation of people, providing them with medical care; refloating and reef damaged vessels, pumping water from flooded compartments, emergency towing vessels and facilities to a place of refuge as well as providing sea towing of vessels and floating objects and structures in ice and open water, the provision of assistance to vessels and rescue operations in ice and open water, assistance in extinguishing fires on floating and coastal objects accessible from sea;

Also, this type of court are designed to perform underwater diving works at depths up to 60 m of deep-water diving to a depth of 300 m; extinguish burning oil on water, oil spill response and oil products (OSR) survey and cleaning underwater hull ships, floating and shore facilities; survey of the seabed and damaged objects at depths of up to one thousand meters
«Nevsky Shipyard" Located 40 km from Saint-Petersburg in Schlusselburg on the left bank of the Neva River and is one of the oldest shipping companies in the North — West of Russia. Shipbuilding activity since 1952. Builds sea and river vessels of various types and applications and all types of ship repair. Slipway "Nevsky Shipyard" allows to launch and lift for repair vessels up to 140 meters and dock weight up to 2,500 tons.

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