New Address Ship fire detection system Ship’s Bell-1A

The Russian company OOO "Polarmar" has developed, manufactured and successfully operates Address fire detection, control and dispatch "Ship's Bell — 1A", certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.

In "Rynda — 1A," as one of the components of the automated control system of technological parameters of the ship, a new approach to the formation of display standards-based dynamic recognizable images, the regions of space, forming not only informative and logical, but also intuitive and prognostic methods of control and management. 

Unique characteristics of fire alarm system "Ship's Bell — 1A":

1. At the heart of the display system is implemented by applying the principle of ship drawings location of the premises and equipment. For quick and easy navigation designed a special window "all-seeing eye" that displays the object from two perspectives: from the top and the side, which helps the user to see at a glance all the ship as a whole.

2. Created demanded a full crew extensible, scalable information system that can display not only the fire, but other shipboard system (location, description of superintendence and facilities, ventilation, piping, electrical supply, evacuation routes, etc.).

3. For the first time in a single software product management is implemented through the processes of design, installation, operation, maintenance and repair.

4. Provides continuous monitoring of performance and diagnostic workstations, the central devices, detectors and control relays the address of the fire alarm system.

5. Workstations and control organized on the basis of one "master" — a lot of hot "Slave" that instantly takes control at failure of the "Master", which allows you to expand the system in all phases of operation, including the modernization.

"Ship's Bell — 1A" is installed and successfully operated on a nuclear icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" (1100 sensors) on the ship-museum "nuclear icebreaker" Lenin ", to self-elevating drilling rig" Amazon ".

"Ship's Bell" — a simple system for complex objects.

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