New epidemic — now comes to us GOAT FLU

The spread of swine flu is gradually declining. However, disturbing reports are now coming from the Netherlands — there is a new flu epidemic begins — goat. The disease is transmitted only until the animal to person, but it has become a cause of the disease goat flu more than 2,300 people. Six have died. [Cut]

As directed by the government, which is seriously concerned about the scale of the epidemic, the destruction to be about 20,000 goats and sheep, which are the so-called messenger of virus fever Q. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Netherlands, the new flu has hit 55 of 350 Dutch farms.

Goat flu symptoms are almost the same as in other species infection of the virus. Everyone affected by a virus there is a high fever, severe sore throat, runny nose, aching in the limbs, weakness, headache. If you do not start immediate treatment of disease, the virus is transformed into pneumonia.

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