New equipment for schools Yakutia Tolmachevo, doctors Priozersk and FEMA Tomsk

Now Chulmanskaya students had the opportunity to attend social and sporting institutions, not only in his native village, but also to travel freely to Nerungri and other settlements of the region.

This bus has been allocated in 2012 for the Neryungri competitions in table tennis in the framework of the V International Sports Games "Children of Asia".

The head of the district also said that this year the number of small schools Hatymi 10 villages, which also applies to the administrative settlement Chulman is highlighted minivan.

Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo purchased new equipment for the measurement of the coefficient of friction of runways — an important parameter for safe take-off and landing itselfLetov.

 According to the press service of the airport Tolmachevo, Instrument system for continuous measurement of the coefficient of friction T-5 Trailer CFME Swedish production company ASFT is designed to assess the state of the runways at low temperatures and adverse weather conditions.
The data on the coefficient of coupling devices collected are transmitted in real time via Bluetooth to the displays in cars help desk operation of the aerodrome.
According to the press service, the same equipment is used in more than 300 airports around the world, including those located in the northern latitudes.

 Doctors Priozersky area were transferred to the new car
Administration Priozersky district acquired for rural health clinics, three new ambulances. Purchase paid from the funds of the district budget. On the eve of the International Day of Health vehicles were handed over to doctors.

A wonderful gift received Priozerske physicians: for rural health clinics in Saperny, Michurinskom and Sukhodola district administration acquired at the expense of the local budget, three new ambulances.

Right from the parking cars went to the place of destination, the Internet portal Priozersky district. Now, from six rural clinics Priozersky district four — equipped with specialized medical transportation.

New ambulances multifunctional. They will ensure the work of doctors at the "apartment" calls (including in remote villages), delivering analyzes in the central clinical laboratory Priozerske CRH, transport of patients from the area, etc.

In Tomsk, started preparing for the fire season. Parts of the region received new fire engines, each worth more than 4 million rubles. This brand cars Urals, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg production plants. They will go to the fire brigade Molchanov, Kozhevnikovsky, Kargasoksky and Asino areas.

The problem with the fire appliances to the Tomsk region, as shown by last summer, is also relevant. Many cars already for 20 years. And even if the machine over the years used a little younger and more modern they are. So these fire trucks more than necessary.

Today were handed the keys to the four cars. This is the second batch of fire-fighting equipment in the year. The main purpose — to cover most towns in the area.

Machines terrain that must be in the countryside. They are able to raise from 5 to 7.5 cubic meters of water. This is very important because in small towns always have difficulties with water supply. Increased tanks allow more and longer working.

Right now the machine went to the place of destination, where they will cherish peace and citizens. And it is hoped that this technique will be less in demand than in the past summer.

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