New farm opened in Vologda region

The new complex for 960 heads opened on August 20 in the village of Dorkovo. New Farm area of 6,006 square feet includes the barn, milking unit zhizhesbornik, manure storage, transient gallery.

The construction of ready-made farm premises spent more than 112 million rubles, including purchased new Israeli milking equipment worth more than 26 million. Finished part of a farm built premises at their own expense SKHPK "Plemzavod May."


The project — construction of a second barn, calf house, warehouses, feed and hay, silage trenches and sanitary inspection. The decision to build the farm was taken over by the APC "Plemzavod The May" in 2010. The old premises breeding complex operated for about 40 years and did not meet the new environmental standards.

The estimated cost of building the entire complex of 375 million rubles.

In the already built the first part of the farm will operate 19 people. After completion of the work the number of jobs will increase to 28. Commissioning of the new complex will improve the working conditions of employees, reduce costs of living labor, which is especially important in today's shortages in animal husbandry.
It is assumed that the implementation of 17.5 rubles and milk cost 14 cents per liter, the farm will be repaid in 16 years. If it is possible to reduce the cost up to 13 rubles, the payback period will be reduced to 13 years, taking into account only the price of the milk.

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