New interchange Academy Bridge was opened in Irkutsk


  November 30 open to traffic on the main road junction during the Academy Bridge in Irkutsk. Completion of the right bank of approaches and interchanges substantially change the scheme of urban transport infrastructure, traffic management. Radically redistributed passenger flows and public transport, primarily hydroelectric dam and the old bridge Glazkov. It essentially removes the load from the main streets of the regional center.   At peak times on the construction site was occupied by 160 workers and more than 20 pieces of road equipment. The main efforts were directed at the construction of the main course and concrete retaining walls. In due time built overpasses on the streets of the Baikal and Sedov, konstruktivy retaining walls, all the barriers in the final stages of work on the device of traffic lights and road signs. "It remains the top layer of asphalt, lawn, paving walkways and landscaping", — concluded the General Director of "Irkutsk-GIPRODORNII" Anatoly Kosjakov. — The work will be carried out in May-June next year. "
  The fourth launch marks the completion of the construction of all facilities of the bridge, two of which accounted for Irkutskgiprodornii. During the two years of construction starting complexes 3-4 demolished about 30 houses of the private sector, "slit" five streets — Communist, Lebedeva-red bunting, 25th October, Baikal and Sedov, constructed 2 overpass, underground and overhead pedestrian crossings, made several kilometers of heat, water, sewer, cable and low-voltage networks.

  Amaze and volumes perelopachennogo soil kilometer stretch ul.Piskunova went underground for 10-12 meters.


In this overpass was Baikalskaya street.



Street Piskunov now "burrowed" into the ground.





View of the overpass on ul.Sedova.


 A year ago, opened in Irkutsk initial portion interchanges or 3 launch complex. 







 And finally some pictures of the bridge. Now, twenty-year saga ended its construction.








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