New life biathlon complex in Udmurtia

On the first day of winter opening an updated national shooting-sports complex named after Major-General Alexander Demidov (RSSK).


As a result, considerably increased Stadium, installed new carpet. Thanks to the expansion roller trail training process becomes very efficient. The length of the lines reached 7.5 kilometers. Their width — 6 meters, and in the winter when the snow cover increases up to 9 meters. 4 kilometers of trails at night is lit up.


Builders USST number 6 at Spetsstroy Russia mounted a transitional bridge, set the new grandstand for spectators with 1,000 seats and a full video screen size of 6 to 8 meters, which will allow to broadcast events in real time.

Failed to update the shooting stand, set it modern electromechanical target "Kurvinen" from Finland.

The complex was built a large pond area of almost two hectares. This man-made body of water will be the main object of the system osnezhivaniya that will enable athletes to train in the autumn.


Cost of construction work on a complex made up of more than 250 million rubles. Reconstruction RSSK will allow a high level of competition here. Already on December 20 track set will go all-Russian participants of the competition. All color national biathlon once again come in Izhevsk, to compete for championship honors and the Cup of Russia on the prize "Izhevsk rifle."

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