New Life have imposed fines

Minsk Economic Court rejected the faithful of the church "New Life", which sought to cancel the fine of nearly 100,000 dollars.

In the past year, representatives of the Committee of Nature Protection of Minsk City Executive Committee took samples of the soil in the church, in the street Kovalev, 72. They said that the amount of oil exceeds the permitted rate of 6 times and went to court to seek a faithful fine on 750 8000000 thousand, as well as compensation for damage to the environment size of 263 million rubles.

And nearly 9 million rubles Protestants have to pay for the treatment of environmentalists in court.

Believers "New Life" faces another fine. While environmentalists are only acquainted them with the act, which implies that believers damaged layer of fertile soil, making the children's playground.

Believers said the unprecedented pressure on the community. They are going to go through all the necessary authority to further appeal to the international organizations, there to recognize the actions of the Belarusian authorities illegal.

In 2005, the faithful of the "New Life" was deprived of the land and the building of the church. In 2006 they kept the post-hunger strike, which took the attention of the public. The authorities promised to resolve the issue of believers is positive, but after 2 years they lost to the courts in all positions.

Believers say that the authorities moved for economic sanctions to destroy unwanted Protestant community.


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