New Russia: PNTZ plant

PNTZ factory is a leading enterprise in Russia and Europe for the production of steel pipes. Since 2005 PNTZ plant is part of the pipe division of CHEP — one of the leading industrial groups in the Russian metallurgical complex.

Photo Factory

In noyabre2010 year in the PATH opened a new mini-mill "Iron Ozone 32".

Currently, the plant has almost all the basic technologies for the production of steel pipes and tanks.

The company produces more than 25,000 standard sizes of pipes and pipe profiles of 200 marks carbon, alloy and stainless steels to 34 domestic and 25 foreign standards, as well as 400 specifications.

Consumers of products — machinery, gas and oil industry, thermal and nuclear power, aviation, shipbuilding, medical, automotive, electronics, construction, utilities, chemical engineering and space complex.

In November of this year in the PATH opened a new mini-mill "Iron Ozone 32".

PATH actively reconstructed — if the "ozone" is completely built from the ground up, the other shops have not been repaired since it was built in the mid-20th century. Above all, the reconstruction program was tsvetograficheskaya are provided an new scheme of the plant and all the lines of communication.

This is the "finish" shop PATH. This workshop is the final finishing of pipes before sending them directly to the customer.

Yellow tree in the foreground, mechanism, and burn the pipe from one stage to another. The pipe from the stove off on yellow rocker shaft.

On these "horns" carry pipes

"Pockets" with products

It looks like the trimming process (left) and the application thread (right)

One of the control rooms.

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