New thermal power plant in Aleksine

Last November ceases to delight us with all sorts of construction news. Has already been written about, and business center, and about forging press plant. However, this stock is not exhausted a good mood …

In late November, the Tula Region Administration approved a program whereby already in 2012-13 in Aleksine planned to build a second power plant. It will be located near the existing one (102 MW) and will exceed its capacity (115 MW). Thus, the electricity power Alexina more than double!

All this is extremely important for further development of Aleksinsky region as intensive construction created the preconditions for the emergence of an energy famine. Tula outdated power grid was already unable to meet all the growing needs of the city. Now the problem will be solved radically — the creation of a new thermal power plant. Such a solid groundwork will continue to pursue the accelerated development of the city.

A similar plant in Voronezh

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