New tragedy in the U.S. adopted a Russian children were subjected to torture and sexual harassment

Today it has become aware of a new tragedy in the United States with children from Russia. Of the Texas family due to systematic bullying fled boy who was adopted from the Perm region. His sisters were taken into care authorities. Found that the foster mother of the boy knocked out teeth. And his sister was the subject of sexual abuse.

According to ITAR-TASS, another tragedy occurred in the town of Silsbee, Texas, on the border with Louisiana. Alex lived there, Anastasia and Svetlana Klimov (respectively 1995, 1996 and 1998, the year of birth). They were born in the city of Perm region Krasnokamsk. In the same place they were adopted in 2003 and adopted her and Penny Americans Michael Deckert.


According to the children's therapist and social worker from Silsbee Diane Black, a new family of small Russians were systematically abused and battered. Especially getting older — Alexis, who became known in America Zachary. He constantly ran out of the house, and finally last summer finally disappeared. A few months ago, he called the Black, and only this indicates that at least he is alive, the agency said.
Officially, he is wanted.

For adoptive parents, especially the mother, who, according to the children, especially their brutally beaten and humiliated, not just the number of investigations, but in the end the children always returned to the same family. It is known that a small Alexei foster mother once hit in the face broke his front teeth, which is confirmed by medical records. Recently, another suspect in the sexual abuse of Anastasia received the name Kelly in the USA.

In late March, the two girls were placed under the temporary guardianship of Social Welfare Services neighboring county. Initiated a preliminary investigation, which could last up to two months. However, in the next few days, the question of the future of young Russian women should take the local court.
Monitor developments and Russian diplomats in the United States.

Recall that in the end of last year, Russia has taken "the law of Dima Yakovlev," which prohibits U.S. citizens adopt Russian orphans. The need for this law came after the United States, cases of abuse of adopted children in Russia. Moreover, the U.S. authorities have ignored the treatment of the Russian side, which expressed concern about the conditions of Russian orphans in the United States. In addition, Russian diplomats could not get access to the families who have adopted Russian children.

The Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov, commented on the information presented in his Twitter: «The Russian Embassy in the United States received the appeal of the American citizen, to observe the family and foster children a few months ago."

However, he noted that "one of the adopted girls themselves addressed to the Embassy of the Russian Federation with the complaint to the adoptive parents."

Consulate of the Russian Federation is now understands the situation, he added Astakhov.

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