New York may be flooded as a result of a severe hurricane

As a result of global warming and sea level rise the Big Apple can be disarmed before the disaster, Francesco Tortora wrote in an article published on the website of the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

"After 10 years of a strong hurricane would flood New York. This is not an apocalyptic scenario of a new Hollywood movie, and the real projections contained in the report of the research study, commissioned by the New York State Energy Researchand Development Authority by U.S. scientists at Columbia and Cornell Universities" — the newspaper writes.

"The report says that as a result of global warming and sea level rise" city that never sleeps "in a decade could be under water by the first of a strong hurricane. Report calls on city officials are already taking the necessary steps to ensure that in the future to avoid the tragedy of enormous proportions, "- the author writes.

"In particular, the report states that less than a third of an hour the streets of New York City may be under water, which in turn will lead to flooding of many tunnels leading to Manhattan. Precisely this most famous and wealthy area of the city may be, in the case strong hurricane, the most dangerous place, "The rise of the water in the ocean linked to climate change, can make Manhattan dangerously vulnerable to flooding during severe storms. But the rest of the city will face the consequences of global warming, "- the author writes.

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