NGOs and democracy for export

Dmitry Sedov

Why the violent reaction of Western politicians and media to check the Russian authorities, non-profit organizations (NGOs) that receive funding from abroad?


Why these actions are interpreted as "anti-democratic", "hostile", "requiring a strong reaction," etc.? Probably because we are talking about the formation in Russia of "civil society" with foreign assistance — a large-scale operation, which involved hundreds of organizations and thousands of people who do not want to interfere with them. The implication is that without foreign aid is in Russian society can not exist …

At the time, the beginning of all this activity put the American Peace Corps. This is an "independent federal agency of the U.S. government" was founded in 1961 by a special law prescribes the Peace Corps the following tasks:

— help the people of interested countries and areas in meeting their needs for trained personnel,

— help promote a better understanding of American people that provide services to the Peace Corps,

— contribute to a better understanding of other peoples Americans.

For the vagueness of the wording is well thought out and organizedadvance U.S. interests abroad.

From 1961 to the present Corps volunteers around the world have served more than 200,000 people. In the Russian Federation, the activities of the Peace Corps in 2002, was terminated in connection with the charges of the organization in intelligence activities.According to official information, the Federal Security Service, the Peace Corps is preparing for the CIA agents and collects information about the social and political situation in other states. In addition, next to the veteran American "missionary work" in Russia at the time of its closure has worked numerous colleagues who are lurking in our country during the reign of Boris Yeltsin.

The general management of the network of organizations implementing Washington Council on Foreign Relations, United States (QS) — the center of strategic planning, founded in 1921. The role of the CDM has grown considerably since the beginning of the cold war of the West against the Soviet Union. It was developed in the QS concept of the propaganda war against the socialist camp, the anti-communist revolutions were planned in the "third world", hatched the idea of a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union.

The first president of the Board became known in the U.S. Freemason higher degree of dedication D. Davis, and one of the first directors were such prominent financiers and politicians as P. Warburg, O. Kahn, J. Baumann, W. Shepardson, E. Gay, P. Cravath is also not alien to the secret activities of U.S. lodges. Since 1933 the Secretary of the CMO was the future founder and director of the CIA's Allen Dulles. Today the manual work SMO former U.S. presidents, secretaries of state, heads of intelligence agencies and financial institutions. The most influential of working under the auspices of the QS centers include:

— Center for American Progress,

— Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,

— National Endowment for Democracy

— The Heritage Foundation,

— The Jamestown Foundation (Jamestown Foundation).

The latter organization deserves special attention, as responsible for the destabilization of the situation in the sensitive area of the Russian Federation — in the North Caucasus. Currently Jamestown Foundation released the following publications:

• WeeklyChechnya Weekly— Official Bulletin of the "American Committee for Peace in Chechnya" (branch of Freedom House), chaired by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Alexander Haig.

• NewsletterChina Brief,published twice a month from July 2001. Compiled by — Arthur Waldron, a board member Freedom House.

• IssueNorth Korea Review,being fitted defector from North Korea IL Kvoug Sohn.

• NewsletterTerrorism Monitor,published twice a month. Compiled — Mahan Abedin(Mahan Abedin),
Officer Middle East Forum. The annexTerrorism Focusthe materials Stephen Ulf(Stephen Ulph), Journalist Military Industrial Media GroupJane's.

• Daily newspaperEurasia Daily Monitor,
tells about the events of the post-Soviet space at an angle of criticism of Russian politics. Compiled — Professor Anne Robertson.

In November 2012, describing the activities of the fund on Chechnya, a member of the Federation Council of Russia Kostoev Issa said: "International and, above all, through the U.S. intelligence services specially created for this purpose non-governmental organizations and foundations to continue activities aimed at destabilizing the situation in the North Caucasus … Under the guise of "charity" means these funds provide all kinds of seminars, open to the North Caucasus offices. Feeding the individual members, but rather the traitors of the Caucasian peoples, they carry subversive activities … "

In terms of working with civil societies abroad chief controller and organizer of the execution of the CFR is the Freedom House, using the theme of protection of human rights as a core. This "non-governmental" organization has a huge budget, fed by public funds. The money comes from the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), as well as a number of international funds, including the National Endowment for Democracy. Accepted and donations from private individuals.

Former long-term head of Freedom House, James Woolsey (former CIA Director) openly declared that winning the "third world (cold) war," the United States are currently engaged in "fourth world war" — a war against the dictatorial and anti-democratic regimes. And in war as in war — all the techniques are permissible.

The post-Soviet space and the surrounding country is literally packed with organizations of this kind. Often, they do not hide their affiliation. Thus, the Razumkov Center in Ukraine with a budget of 600,000 dollars a year has openly stated that working for the Americans. In Azerbaijan, there are 12 such centers. In the Czech Republic deployed American Center "Prague Student Summit" that runs across Belarus. The neighboring Belarus Poland overrun by American centers, and they eat their bread for nothing. In Finland and Sweden is working to north Russia, primarily in St. Petersburg (organizations such as Vasemmistofoorumi, OK Do, Demos Helsinki, Culture Crisis Management).

These centers acquire their footholds in Russia, in which the role of NGOs and act. In general, in Russia there are thousands of non-profit organizations, many of them related to humanitarian organizations abroad, engaged in a variety of problems, and their community benefit activities are welcome. However650 NGOs, according to the FSB, have links with foreign subversive organizations.The network has already covered the Russian provincial town and appears in regional centers. Its development is spent huge money, estimated in billions of dollars. Professional scouts have always worked and will work with these organizations — it is the law of the genre. However, in this case, they are doing a piece of work, but in general it holds enormous ideological machine.

In a sense, this is — a civilizational project. Western civilization has used its economic, financial, information capabilities in order to envelop the recipient countries their influence to weaken their actions of civil disobedience, step by step, to sum up the case to a paralysis of power.

What threatens this "humanitarian" aggression, the experience of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The ideological poisoning that was the Soviet people during the first phase of aggression under the name of "restructuring", was not sufficient to complete the destruction of its traditional values. Affected the moral and psychological hardening the Soviet times. Post-Soviet Russia was able to some extent to recover and stop the process of decay.

Now with regard to Russia is "the game to finish off." There is no doubt that the Marsh area has been a touchstone in the development of Russian movement of civil disobedience. An attempt is made to produce a total substitution of notions of freedom and equality concepts of rebellion and disobedience. The game started a promotion for the West to power in the Russian social elements produced by a network of NGOs and centers of "human rights." What it promises Russia, one can understand, remembering, for example, that none of these centers did not protest when 20 years ago the regime of Boris Yeltsin's shot from the tanks the Russian parliament.

It should be borne in mind that the model of the "struggle for democracy" in which the West proposes to export it at home does not apply. Here there are clear limits permissible and impermissible. When American students tried to organize mass demonstrations against the Vietnam War, the National Guard led by him fire. When the German Communist Party began to gain power in Germany, a law banning the trade, the communists were driven out of schools and administrative offices. When in Italy, the labor movement was threatening attitude of the ruling class, was organized by the gigantic provocation "Red Brigades".

Democracy for export, are implemented by working in Russia, but foreign-funded NGOs, is a planned, systematic efforts to destroy the foundations of the Russian civilization, and duty authorities — to put an end to this activity.

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