NGPU built housing with dance class and the wardrobe

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (NSTU) has commissioned a new building.


The new school building is designed for the Faculty of Culture and Further Education NGPU. As the Dean of the Faculty of NGS.NOVOSTI Olga Kapustin housing was built on budget money the university since 2008. Square two-storey building (third floor — ground) — 1000 m. m for the construction of a new building NGPU spent about 30 million rubles.


The new building will be learning mostly students who receive higher professional education in the field of culture and art.

In the school building housed three inline audience, two dance class, showers, locker rooms, classrooms for choral conducting and individual sessions with the tool, on the ground floor is a training workshop for textile art, costume and rekvizitornye.

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