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I remember as a child my grandmother constantly grumbled: "Do not put a pillow on the table — this match will be … Do not methylated in the house, after seeing guests, the road they will be bad. " What nonsense, I thought then. Today, I do not think so.

It has long been revered in Russia gracious host homes — houses and did their best to ward off or neutralize the evil force that appeared in abundance, where people settled. Fought not only with cockroaches, flies, mice, rats and other small animals raznosyaschey infection, but with invisible enemies, constantly suck the life force out of us.

Browser "MH" has talked to more than the current topic with an expert on the biofield and cleaning of premises Igor Svetlova.

— What is behind the mysterious invisible creatures do not give us easy to live in our own home? And if they really exist, what are they?

— In your question either in school or in college textbooks answers to be found. After all, you are asking about the inhabitants of the small world of our planet — the astral entities. Some of them do not react with human. Others, on the contrary, actively feed our body positive energies. Third, the most dangerous — astral parasites. They attach themselves to our body (but not the individual, and thin) and feed its energies.

— How to recognize them?

— Indeed, we usually do not perceive them — only indirectly. First, there is a sense of undue anxiety, depression, sleep becomes restless. After some time, reduced working capacity, deteriorating health, there are quite inexplicable that appeared out of nowhere, chronic and even fatal disease. Doctors, when they can not explain the cause of ailments commonly diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome or something like that … There are entities that brought people to mental disorders. The Church calls them demons, and occurs after the attack abnormal condition — obsession. There are times when whole hosts of ethereal beings on someone's orders (such as a sorcerer or bioenergy) are broken up and rush to the intended victim. Such an attack is called black magic.

— As you know, the man is so constituted that it can not do without quarrels. They say that the apartment absorbs all occurring during a violent family quarrels energy?

— Our apartment is like a sponge, absorbing all the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the residents. The astral atmosphere of any home attracts and draws all that is around him in the invisible world, the principle of "like that — similar to". The entire population of the astral world exists only because fueled coming from us related to them with energy. And this applies both to the good, positive, and to the evil, negative entities. Without charging them quickly weaken, melt, turning into a shapeless gray fog, and die. After all, they are mortal, because they have no souls. All of them are in fact vampires. There is a "blood" — live. No — die.

— What do they eat?

— Energy. After all, their only purpose (of which, incidentally, is not only their well-being and prosperity, but also their very existence) — Enter the person into a state of excitement, emotions. And the properties to give life vampiric entities have any strong feelings — both negative and positive. Boundless enthusiasm able to extort from us no less force than inconsolable grief.

— So can anything be done to clean the apartment, not only with all sorts of lotions East, but in our opinion, in Russian?

— Try not to let the house of the people who cause you even the slightest hostility. And in the bedroom — no one at all, even the closest of friends and family dearly beloved. Remember that your home — your castle. Especially bad energy remains in the house, where at least a few minutes were not that drunk, and even slightly tipsy people. Therefore, after the feast of the short-term the drink should be thoroughly cleaned the apartment, not sparing the appropriate rituals neither the strength nor the time. It should be borne in mind that otherworldly evil loves cluttered space, especially the corners, which for months accumulate dust and debris. There she was waiting for the most with lacquer makeup. From the same and acts on the entire home atmosphere. Particularly evil impudent during his "night raids" when you sleep and you become especially vulnerable to it. As is known, the lower in the hierarchy is the astral essence, the greedier she crouches to everything that is decaying, rotten, decomposed, spoiled. Not issued in time bin, unwashed dishes, stale food, even the crumbs on the table attracted to your home for the night feast of whole flocks of otherworldly bastards.

By the way, oddly enough, one of the most energy-polluted places — dining table. People who are going around (the same, say, the guests), charged him with thoughts that, like leftovers, draw him invisible parasites. Not for nothing has a very sure sign not to put a pillow on the table — to the disease. That is, the pillow like a sponge to soak up the bad emotions of your guests, and they will pass on you at night while you sleep.

— And there are ways to clean the apartment from astral parasites?

— All the people thought that, for example, the sound of metal and purifying effect on the human body and the surrounding nature. Therefore, all kinds of bells, chimes and bells were repellent evil spirits and evil spirits. Scientists have confirmed the disinfecting effect of bells capable even at a considerable distance from the church, not only to destroy pathogens and bacteria, but even small rodents. Yet modern science has discovered that the majority of negative beings of the subtle world is destroyed by sudden outbursts of energy — for example, high-profile shots (from the pistol, crackers) or bright light flashes of the type of fireworks.

— Why?

— Because all of the above contributes to a sudden outburst of energy that destroys all the negative entities. Different countries have long to ward off evil spirits, fired from guns and cannons. I think, that celebratory fireworks initially pursued the same goal.

There is another easy way to breathe freely in his own apartment — set fire to the room a sprig of dried wormwood. Achieved excellent cleaning effect. Instead, wormwood can take a candle and lamp around the room three times in a clockwise direction, paying special attention to the corners.

— And the smell? I mean incense.

— Incense is very useful. But I would like to remind not about the smells that carry positive emotions, but about the smell. After her appearance, even in the smallest doses, a sure sign of congestion lower astral creatures.

— Many people wonder why cleaning the house does not help them incense?

— And all because the incense must be of the highest quality, and it is very rare. My mother cleaned the house very well with garlic. It simply laying out his bulbs for one night or a few days in a bad place, and then carried away and burned away. And that dream was calm, you need to cut the garlic into small slices and leave at the head of the bed.

Very often, poor sleep and nightmares, especially in children, associated with the contamination home astral entities. Children are especially sensitive to their appearance. One day my 7-year-old granddaughter, staying the night in our apartment, began to cry and refuse to sleep on the sofa. She said that there she was dreaming nightmares. I checked. Church candle in the place where she slept, cracked, sparks and guttering dark wax — a sure sign of the presence of negative energy. I had an hour to burn out evil spirits, even the ceiling to climb until the crack has not stopped. This is how you can clean and the body. Reins of a burning candle along the spine and around the diseased organs. In poor places, it also will be first to crack and smoke it.

In general, I would recommend to struggle with unwanted thoughts on the principle "that the imagination is created, the imagination can be destroyed."

— Interesting.

— For example, if you feel that your room is settled or stayed after some guest harmful energy to begin with, imagine it as a gray cloud. Then mentally imagine how it explodes, torn into small pieces. They break out and burn like fireworks, then fall into the water, which eventually dissolve. Sometimes I advise you mentally draw on the walls and ceilings of fire crosses.

Yet for a good atmosphere in the apartment, there are so-called positive magnets — icons, pictures with positive energy, photos of your favorite places, landscapes, people, animals.

— Just like in feng shui.

— I believe that every nation has its own traditions and do not intrude on someone else's territory. In the same feng shui there are a lot of things, not comparable with our reality. At least that's what the north and south of the ancient Chinese were not where we.

— That's how you beat off in one fell swoop all the desire to fads.

— Why, because even many a true word is spoken in jest. But the main thing is that our environment is, like all of our life, first of all a product of our own thoughts. We must not forget that man is what he thinks. Therefore, no how "information cleansing" will not help if the house is an atmosphere of anger, insults and taunts. As they say in Russia, if there is no cross in the shower, then cross on the lintel is not salvation.


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