NIKIMT-Atomstroy developed and manufactured welding machine for Beloyarsk

JSC "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" commissioned Beloyarsk nuclear power plant has developed and produced welder CA-716 for remote welding canisters with fuel elements of cut of spent fuel assemblies in the "hot" chamber of the reactor BN-600.

The new plant is equipped with modern microprocessor-based remote control system that allows to reproduce a given mode of welding technology and to ensure the necessary quality of the weld and its geometry.

With the participation of experts Kola nuclear power plant (Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region) were performed acceptance testing setup, which confirmed its conformity to specifications given. Performed by installing the test piece fully satisfy the requirements of design and regulatory documentation.

Implementation of this unit on the Kola nuclear power plant, scheduled for May 2013, will fully automate the process of welding in a "hot" cell, reduce the volume of work and the radiation exposure of personnel.

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