NIKIMT-Atomstroy (Moscow) has prepared a unique set of automatic welding

JSC "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" was established in 2001 in order to centralize and efficiency construction work performed at nuclear energy and industry Rosatom, as well as for recovery of construction and assembly capacity of the industry.

Forces of "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" designed and built complex multifunctional automatic orbital welding of circumferential joints of large diameter (350 to more than 1400 mm) from the inside of pipes, which has no equivalent in domestic practice.


This allows you to perform complex multi-pass TIG welding and cladding of corrosion on the internal surface of pipes and pipe spools of NPP equipment, incorporates television and other systems necessary for the remote control of the welding process and the implementation of layered control of weld inspection.

Currently being tested.

The results of full-scale welding show the real term use of the complex decision of the major objectives of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom" for automation of welding for installation and repair of CTC connections DN 850, DN 800 MCC, tubing reactor vessels and other equipment in the modern technical level. This achieves a significant reduction of labor costs, radiation exposure for personnel performing work time, it is possible to radically improve the technology previously developed automatic welding, including a welding assembly of the main circulating loop plant.

This success is the result of vigorous activity of the enterprise as the lead developer of technologies and equipment for automated orbital welding under construction and in operation of nuclear facilities.

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