NIKIMT-Atomstroy opened a center for certification of welders and supervisors in Belarus

JSC "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" (included in the control loop of "AEP"), the parent organization of Materials Research of the State Corporation "Rosatom" has opened in Minsk center for the training and qualification of welders and NDT, including standards Atomic Energy. The preliminary agreement on the opening of the center was reached during a meeting between the representatives of "NIKIMT-Atomstroy", JSC "NIAEP" and First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko in the framework of the V International specialized exhibition "ATOMEXPO Belarus? 2013." 

Currently, State Corporation "Rosatom" begins construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus, but welding engineers and specialists in non-destructive testing, that could work on Russian standards, rules and regulations are not available. Construction of nuclear power requires a substantial amount of welding, and therefore requires a large number of welders, fitters and specialists in non-destructive testing, are able to assess the quality of welds. Lack of them, and aims to address the opening center. Center opens on the basis of "SvarkaServisGrupp" (Minsk, Belarus) — known in Belarus, an organization that is engaged in thermal power plants, installation of metal for critical applications, and has a well trained professionals who are certified by the Belarusian and European standards, but not certified to standards and regulations in the nuclear power industry.

Initially, several Belarusian instructors welders and NDT will be trained and certified in NIKIMT-Atomstroy, then they will have to train in the Belarusian center that is fully equipped with modern welding and control equipment. Duration of training welders and supervisors will be from month to three technical officers — two to three weeks. For the year will receive training to 700 welders. The center will also be trained welders from Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states. Final certification of specialists will carry out a special commission consisting of, inter alia, of the employees NIKIMT-Atomstroya. After the training and certification of welders will be able to work on any plants in Europe.

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