Nikolai Lozovik Parliament may set a date for elections on 7 September

The House of Representatives may appoint a date for the presidential election at an extraordinary session, which according to the decree of Alexander Lukashenko, will be convened on September 7. This was announced by the Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lazavie, reports Prime-Tass.

"There is a possibility that the issues of the election, appointment date of the election could be considered at a special session," — said the secretary of the CEC Nikolai Lozovik.

"The appointment of the extraordinary session of the House of Representatives does not mean that it will set a date for elections. They identified a number of issues to be considered at the session. This is, first of all, the economic issues. On the other hand, the House of Representatives has the right to include other questions, "said M.Lazavik.

On He said, no one today knows the date on which the election will be appointed, "That no one knows yet. only which can be say for sure — the election must be held no later than February 6 next year. This is a constitutional requirement. "Lazavik noted that at the meeting on September 7th Parliament may call an election for December 2010 — February 2011.



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