NIOCHIM began development of the technology of the plant for the production of soda

In close cooperation with the largest manufacturing corporation in the soda industry of Turkey Soda Sanayii AS NIOCHIM experts have started to address the problem of increasing the performance of one of the main branches of soda production — Department of carbonation.


During a visit to NIOCHIM (Kharkiv) representatives Soda Sanayii AS has been declared an interest in the installation and development of the company carbonization columns capacity of over 300 tons / day. Experts NIOCHIM pay a return visit soda plant in Mersin, had a rapid examination and signed a protocol of cooperation, including the development of carbonization of the column capacity of 350-400 tons of soda a day. It is planned that NIOCHIM develop the design and operation of the column, and the potential strength calculations are performed by the manufacturer karbokolonn — machinery plant in Izmir, Turkey.

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