Nizhnekamsk tire complex has launched a new assembly line

Nizhnekamsk tire complex announces the launch of a new assembly line based on modern assembly machines VMI MAXX.

VMI MAXX — a modern robotic machine for assembling tires, made by Dutch manufacturer. The new assembly line should allow to optimize the quality of their products and reduce the risk of marriage to the minimum performance thanks to the automated production system. New Machines fully robotized and eliminate operator intervention in the cycle of the tire building, all systems are also controlled by adjustment of the equipment automatically.


The main part of the machine consists of two drums, combining the various parts of the tire blank, so-called "green tire", which is later subjected to curing to impart the final shape.

All processes for submissions on drums controlled laser sensors that prevent even the smallest deviation of the projected production program, and the system reinforced materials can increase the tension strength of the tire due to the perfect fit all the components.

The new machines will significantly increase the number of tires produced. The average time of one production cycle assembly — 36 seconds. Thus, depending on the wishes and needs of the clients TD "Kama", the performance of each machine can range from 1,500 to 2,000 tires per day.

"We have long partnered with VMI Group, and the launch of a new line of machines based on the VMI MAXX — a stage of development Nizhnekamsk tire complex — says Rinat Biktimerov, Executive Director of" Trading House "Kama". — Despite the fact that now is just the end of autumn, most of our stocks of winter tires is already sold out, respectively, to launch a new production line will enable us to respond more flexibly to market demand in the future "


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