Nizhny Novgorod nuclear scientists make unique Gyrotrons

As reported by 22.06.2012, the news of nuclear energy, in the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Physics and ZAO NPP "whoop" experts started making a unique system of plasma heating and current drive in the form of a gyrotron. Scientists emphasize that these are internal gyrotron development of the Institute and have no analogues in the world, broadcast news of nuclear power.

The equipment is made to order — to start work on the new product and the International Agency for ITER ITER Organization had signed an agreement (the signing of the document took place during the tenth session of the supreme governing body of the project — the ITER Council). Nizhny Novgorod Gyrotrons must be one of the main systems of the ITER experimental reactor under construction, according to the news of nuclear power. Under the Agreement, the experts will manufacture eight such gyrotron. "This is — one of the best Russian developments Gyrotrons are unsurpassed, their power is 1 MW and pulse length — 1000", shared with reporters Anatoly Krasil'nikov, Head of Private Institution "ITER-Center". He also noted that "the production of this system for ITER is extremely important for Russia's scientific and technological complex."

News of nuclear power are reminded that by themselves Gyrotrons has for some time been successfully used in fusion research facilities such as in different parts of the world — but similar Nizhny Novgorod Gyrotrons still has not happened.

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