Nizhny Novgorod Ship passed before the term shallow-draft icebreaking tug Murom

October 4, 2012 Works "Nizhny Novgorod Ship" (Bor, Nizhny Novgorod, CEO Sergei Konovalov) passed before the second period to "Rosmorport" shallow-draft icebreaking tug "Murom" (building number 704) of the project TG04M.

Customer — Rostov branch of "Rosmorport".

  The project is designed TG04M "MEB" (Odessa).
The new tug is designed for:
• Raid shunting to river vessels and floating cranes;
• ancillary works for berthing, the center tap of the pier, tilting barges and ships.
It can also be used to deliver up to 12 passengers on a raid.
Many of the visitors to the exhibition "NEVA-2009" may have seen on the stand of the plant "Nizhny Novgorod Ship" a film in which the parent vessel of the series — "Port 1" showed a completely unique maneuverability, including the "police turn" (following the terminology of motorists).
In recent years, for river navigation and mixed traffic, as a rule, build self-propelled dry cargo and tankers, as well as self-propelled barges, ie objects that move cargo directly ("earn").
Furthermore, the existing river tugs and pushers is steadily aging. At the beginning of 2008, the number of such vessels in the Russian River Register of age to 10 years was only 55 units, 10 to 15 years — 101 units, from 15 to 20 years — 972, from 20 to 30 years — 2517 Ships (! !) and older than 30 years — 3119 Ships (!).
However, in river ports, the need for new tugs is extremely high due to the extreme deterioration of the existing fleet.
A series of tugs and projects TG04 TG04M — the first of a new generation of river tugs and pushers that are designed to work on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation.

• is designed to operate as intended at low ambient air temperatures below zero;
• equipment and design of propeller-rudder system will accept a lift in operation at low temperatures below zero in a state of complete frozen in ice;
• Housing tug has a reinforced structure for working in the frozen waters;
• the need to lift the tug berth during the winter lay empty weight is 100 tons;
• has a maximum draft of 1.80 m;
• tug performs security work harbor craft during the break-up, so has the minimum dimensions, allowing to work with all units of the fleet.
The project is designed for a class ship About 2.0 (Ice 30) A Russian River Register, the ice category knowingly accepted higher than recommended by the Rules of PPP for vessels of about 2.0.

Tug "Port 1" Project TG04 (yard number 701) was laid 12.09.08, launched on 27.08.09. Sea trials were completed 07.09.09. Commissioned on 17.09.09.
Tug "Port 2" Project TG04M (yard number 702) was laid 13.09.11, launched on 05.06.12. Commissioned on 17.07.12.
Tug "Dobrynia" Project TG04M (yard number 703) was laid 08.12.11, launched on 01.08.12. Commissioned on 12.09.12.
Tug "Murom" Project TG04M (yard number 704) was laid 08.12.11, launched on 28.08.12. Commissioned on 04.10.12.

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