Nizhny Tagil: a review of new and renovated sports facilities in recent years

Ever wanted to clarify that the review includes only some of the sports facilities, recently built or reconstructed.

1. TRAMPLIN complex on the mountain of debt.

2. Ski complex with swimming pool and foresail at Mount White.
3. Playpen for rhythmic gymnastics at the stadium "Youth".
4. Stadium "Sputnik" Uralvagonzavod (with new covered stands).
5. Palace of Water Sports Uralvagonzavod (reconstruction).
6. Gymnasium Uralvagonzavod (reconstruction).
7. Palace of Sports "Metallurg-Forum" to 3 thousand seats.
8. The artificial fields at the stadiums, "Youth", "Vysokogorets", "Satellite", "Jupiter".
9. Sporting Center "Demidov".
10. Yacht Club.
11. Several private fitness centers.
12. Pool "Uralets" (reconstruction).
13. The palace of ice sports at Uralvagonzavod (reconstruction).

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