NLMK and a half times increases the production of electricity through the use of associated gas

NLMK to the end of this year will boost the use of recycled flue gases produced during the metallurgical process at the main site in Lipetsk.
Today, the average annual electricity production only through the use of waste gas and blast furnace coke production capacity is about 190 MW, which represents more than half of the total generating capacity of their own NLMK.


After entering the new scrappage CHP plant will be able to process the entire blast furnace gas generated in the production process.
Thus, the total generating capacity of its own electricity through the use of NLMK associated gas will increase by more than half and will be 290 MW.
In the short term, NLMK plans to proceed with the project on the effective utilization of converter gas.

Increased use of secondary energy resources will further reduce the energy intensity of steel, which will be reduced from the current 6.1 Gcal / t to 5.9 Gcal / ton in 2012. In addition, the re-use of associated gas will improve the environmental performance of the company, reducing emissions into the atmosphere. Works for a number of years consistently reduces that rate.

For the record:
In early 2011, the installed capacity of its own power at the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant is 332 MW. In 2012, after the launch of a new thermal power station of the recycling capacity of 150 MW installed power generating facilities NLMK will reach 482 MW, and the plant will be provided with its own electricity by 56%.

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