NLMK-commissioned the new complex for long products

In December 2010, the complex rolling mill NSMMZ in Berezovsky (NLMK-Long Products, a subsidiary of NLMK) has received a positive opinion of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of the Russian Federation, as well as permission to start-up.

The shop design capacity of about 1 million tons of steel a year is an important part of the production chain of NLMK-uniting the scrap metal industry, electric furnace, Section and hardware production. The parameters of the project and workshop equipment makes it one of the most modern and high-tech in Russia.

The complex is equipped with modern equipment from leading manufacturers — Danieli, SMS Meer, Sund Birsta. The basis of the process equipment is a high-performance two line rolling mill rolling at a speed of 150 to 110 m / s, delivering a high quality end product. The new production will produce rebar Buntova numbers from 6 to 16, and the rod diameter from 5.5 to 22 mm, which is aimed at further development of metalware.

During the commissioning of the shop began to produce a wide range of rebar and wire rod. In particular, for the first time in Russia mastered the production of heat-strengthened rebar class A500S in coils with a diameter of 6.0 to 12.0 mm, which is in high demand from construction companies. In addition, the commercial production of wire rod for cold heading, ie for the production of hardware products by cold forging, as well as from high-carbon wire rod and special welding steel grades for the needs of the Russian market. Start-up and subsequent withdrawal workshop on capacity will allow NLMK-Long reach a total production capacity of rolled over 2 million tons per year, to strengthen its position in the market of long products, ensuring market share of Russian rebar at 20% and at 16% — in the market rolled billets. Subsequently, with the completion of the Kaluga steel plant the company plans to increase the market share of reinforcing bar to 25%.

For the record:
NLMK-Long — a subsidiary of OJSC "NLMK", uniting with December 2009 under its management company NLMK Long Products Division. The production structure of NLMK-power includes forming a closed production cycle from collection and recycling of scrap metals to manufacture high value-added steel products — rebar, wire rod and wire products. Base enterprises NLMK-are located in the Sverdlovsk region of "NSMMZ" (consisting of electric furnace steelmaking in Revda, production of reinforcing bars in the city Sergi and production of reinforcing bar and wire rod in the new rolling mill in Berezovsky) and ZAO "UZPS "(hardware production). Is under construction Kaluga Research and Production Electric Metallurgical Plant design capacity of 1.5 million tons / year of long products. The production structure of the company is also division on the harvesting and processing of ferrous metals department "Vtorchermet NLMK" which enterprises are operating in 35 regions of Russia, providing the raw steelmaking capacity NLMK-and OJSC "NLMK".

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