NLMK increased power and efficiency of auxiliary materials

NLMK has commissioned a lime-kiln capacity of 800 tons per day (256 tons per year) for the production of metallurgical lime used in the steelmaking process. The new unit will increase the performance of refractory plant by almost 20%, fully satisfy the growing needs of production in Lipetsk after commissioning in 2012 of new capacity for the production of iron and steel.

Compared to the existing counterparts at NLMK new furnace has an almost 2-fold greater productivity. The design of the unit used modern refractories and burners. Automatic control of the roasting process is conducted at all stages of production of lime, which allows almost 27% reduction in heat consumption per tonne of product. Due to the new design of filters is 8 times more efficient than the old technology cleans the exhaust gases. The level of residual dust held aspiration of air corresponds to the best to date in the industry.

Investment in the project is implemented in cooperation with the firm «Metso Minerals» (USA), amounted to about 2 billion rubles.

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