NLMK-Kaluga completed the installation of the equipment of the main shops

In the Electric shop has completed the installation of an electric arc furnace, the supply path of bulk materials and installation "ladle-furnace", continuous casting machines, gas cleaning and gas exhaust ducts, branch offices and training materials scrap yards.

Installation of the equipment is made of Turkish construction company "GAMA" and CMT NLMK.

In the rolling mill finished work on the installation of the heating furnace, refrigerator, mill line, finishing line, roll-turning plot and overhead cranes.

In the main shops of the plant continues electrocommunications installation and pipelines being commissioned work.

Start the enterprise is planned for the first half of 2013.

For the record:

Ltd. "NLMK-Kaluga" — a company NLMK Long Products Division, is under the control of the company "NLMK-Long." Situated in the Kaluga region. The design capacity is 1.55 million tons per year of liquid steel and 1.5 million tons per year and long products. Construction companies on the list of priority investment projects of the Strategy of development of metallurgical industry of Russia until 2020 and will provide high quality products to the construction market of the central regions of Russia.

Ltd. "NLMK-" — a subsidiary of OJSC "NLMK" uniting under its management company NLMK Long Products Division. The production structure of NLMK-power includes forming a closed production cycle from collection and recycling of scrap metals to manufacture high value-added steel products — rebar, wire rod and wire products. Base enterprises NLMK-are located in the Sverdlovsk region of "NSMMZ" (electric furnace production and release of long products) and ZAO "UZPS" (hardware production). On raw materials in the company is one of the largest in the Russian association of the scrap metal industry "Vtorchermet NLMK" operating in different regions of the country.

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