Norwegian court ruled: ghosts do not exist!

Norway has hosted an amazing trial. The essence of it, at first glance, is extremely simple. The buyer is going to buy a mansion in the vicinity of the town VINSTRA (260 km from Oslo), and even signed a contract for the sale, could only send money through the bank. But then he changed his mind and said the termination of the transaction. And the agent filed a negligent client in court.

Once a ghost has not come to court, so it is not!

But what were the reasons for the refusal of a property? It turns out that the potential buyer has scared away ghosts! From local residents, he learned that the house was simply crawling with them, and the seller of real estate tricky about this silent. That is why the injured client and decided to cancel the deal.

TV broadcasters Norwegian channel TV 2, proznav of litigation, and went to Vinstra, asking local residents, found that in the mysterious house really strange things happen.

From the shelves and then drop things, and the benches, even when tightly screwed to the walls, suddenly separated from them and start flying around the room. The doors themselves open and close, on and off the light.

One of the witnesses, which for some time she lived in the house, said that he regularly saw the ghost of some old woman, which was spreading through the corridors and then disappears. Dog women also saw a ghost, and always reacted to his appearance barking.

Near the house there was the sound of winding machine, but the machine itself was not.

However, despite this information, when it came to trial, the guardians of the law of the District Court of North-Gudbrandsdalen sided Realtor. Both men now still have to buy a sinister mansion.

Official language: substantial reason to abandon the agreement was not, as the applicant in the suit did not provide sufficient evidence to the court relating to the deficiencies in the property, in particular, in terms of mysterious events.

"The court did not see ghosts at the meeting, they were not represented. Thus, the buyer may cancel the contract or demand a reduction in house prices, "- said the judge. Then he added that such cases should no longer be taken into consideration, as the ghosts, by law, does not exist! And the fact that some people believe in them, and others — no, it is their personal right.

In fact, according to some Norwegian lawyers, this verdict can, if desired, to challenge, because the judiciary in Europe is unified, and all countries have the appropriate laws that Realtor-fraud can be held accountable.

The mistake buyer haunted house was the fact that, by refusing to deal, he cited as evidence of the existence of ghosts is not personal experience, rumors and possibly speculation locals. This and "pierced" than not failed to take advantage of well-versed in the laws of the real estate seller.

Johnny Depp is a miracle not hurt

Careful readers of the "anomalous news" about this practice probably know. Yet here is a pair of illustrative examples of how the paranormal estate buyers sought a court of justice.

In the first case, plaintiffs Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has bought some time ago a villa in the French town of Le Plan de la Tour. However, as an actor with his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis has entered into a new home, they were regularly seen in the rooms and corridors are translucent shapes and hear someone's plaintive song wafting from the ground.

Over time, the spirits "stormed": steel at night to beat the dishes in the kitchen and throwing food out of the refrigerator in the servants.

The situation became critical after, about to leave the estate for a walk, Depp stopped his car in front of heavy automatic gates, in that moment, slowly opened before him.

And then the gas pedal under foot actor itself fell to the floor, and the car literally roared, rushed forward right in not had time to open the metal shutter. The gate was torn down completely, and only a miracle Johnny was hurt.

Upon learning that the upcoming auto repair will cost more than thirty thousand euros, Depp finally made the final decision. To get up to mischief as the spirits not demand compensation, the actor sued the realtor who selling the villa did not bother to put the buyer aware of living in the house ghosts.

The trial did not take much time. Depp, like a true American, well versed in the law, the court has given a number of incontrovertible evidence "Rejection" of the house, resulting in the purchase transaction has been officially canceled, and the actor got all the money owed to him …

Another illustrative case is linked to 57-year-old Gaetano Bastianelli and his wife, Stephanie, who paid 120,000 euros for a two-storey house, located near the Italian town of Spoleto. Couple was inspired by the fact that the seller offered to give up all the furniture in the house and all household appliances — up to coffee cups and spoons.

"Ghosts have made themselves felt as early as the first night — says Bastianelli. — I woke up around two in the morning. From under the bathroom door water flowed. Hot water tap is open, and the room quickly filled with steam. My wife was in shock, because she just remembered that turns off the water before going to bed. "

The next morning, the sinister spirits left "luminous green mold on all the walls of the house", and the next night, members of the household began to hear the sounds of eerie howls and rattling chains.

But after the family car itself caught fire, Bastianelli nerves gave way, and he appealed to the court to cancel the contract for purchase of the house.

Enlistment of the lawyer, know your situation and said that there is every reason to refer to the article of the Civil Code, which refers to the "lack of goods sold."

Master of the house observed events were comparable with noisy neighbors not reported by the seller. In this lawyer and built his own defense, were crowned with success in the end.

Ghosts might be offended

Returning to the situation that has arisen with the house in the Norwegian VINSTRA should be without interest to note one fact. Local gossips gossip that ghosts, which the judge declared non-existent, and may be offended. In connection with this recall businessman Tove Olsen from Oslo, who left before his death, a will in which all his possessions waste old friends.

Anticipating the trial of his case, the businessman said in his will that anyone who will challenge his last will, be punished — Olsen will be to him at night in the form of a ghost.

Naturally, after the death of an ungrateful brother, his sister, was left with nothing, has filed a lawsuit to annul the unjust will. The case dragged on for several years and ended with the judge sided with the plaintiffs. But a week later he canceled his own decision, and left a posthumous paper in place.

Argue that this happened because the law has become a minister in the night is a ghost Olsen and request that the judge acted according to the letter of the law, or he will soon be a businessman company on earth! ..

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