NOT Bykov street, and the street Korbut?

Grodno authorities have been slow to approve the street name Vasil Bykov. New street as suggested naming the city Toponimical Commission. That allows local officials to stall for time?

On the new street built large residential high-rise, a house outside is almost ready. According to some participants toponymic commission in this phase of the ladies have to pay the postal address until the colonization. I contacted the agency to state registration and cadastre.

Man, "Popovich? And now — Bykov — there is such information. We according to the instructions giving email addresses homeowners will go through our organization. They are the executive committee, decide to rename the alley and street Popovich do Vasil Bykov. When there is a solution, then we will have occasion to conduct state re-registration of real estate, which is located on this new, non — "old new" street. Until there is a decision of the Executive Committee to approve the new name of the street, they will use the old. "

One of the last barracks in the alley Popovic

I went to the construction site to find out on the spot. First, the old barrack houses in the alley Popovich mentioned by state registration agency employee, almost nothing left. Secondly, the builders told me that new homes have an address — by Popovich.

Passport construction

When I looked at the passport of the construction site, it was found that these houses are considered on the street. Popovich, which is nearby. Lane Popovich is not even mentioned. And I must say that one side high-rise buildings — Lane, on the other hand, a little at a distance — novaprakladenaya street, which is proposed to be named after Vasil Bykov. And one house being built across the alley Popovich, who looks like, simply ceases to exist.

The new street is fully ready — road signs, markings, stop, long walks transport, even the shuttle. But if she will be given the name of People's Writer of Belarus — is unknown. Local press reports that the deputies of the city council in this time discussed the question of how to assign a street name is a native of the city, the famous gymnast Olga Korbut. Architectural historian Igor Cowards was one of those who voted for toponymic commission for street Bykov. His opinion:

"It was not that the name of Olga Korbut assign one of the streets of Grodno, on toponymic commission of such a question would never stand. General names of people living outdoors has never been called. Was just an example in the street Sapotskin John Paul II, and all. We so many years on the commission wanted to name a street Vasil Bykov, and so far it does not work. "


Grodno, Bulls

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