Not competition, but the expansion joint. Project 2020 is already a reality



So the fall of 2011, Russia and China reached the final stage of negotiations to establish a long-haul aircraft project.

"We've come close to a discussion of the project to establish the long-range wide-body aircraft, — Told Alexander Zhukov. — Chinese partners have long been thought to whether to enter into a collaboration, and we are now close this deal. " Or exercise a success. However, first things first.

Back in October 2011 the first. Here's how the project was evaluated perpektivy experts.

"None of the major projects is not created countries in splendid isolation, — Said the head of the analytical department of "Airport" Oleg Panteleev VIEW newspaper. — For example, the project was originally a multinational Airbus, and has been involved in France, Germany and the UK. Number of suppliers, this project was also very large.

Russia in the spring of 2011 began to conduct market research and technological project of aircraft that could be competitive in the market, said Oleg Panteleev. They aim to determine which market niche can be created by 2020, a new plane, which would have surpassed all of its counterparts. In summer, it was reported that this project is interested in China. In China, ready to begin the funding of this project, as well as to assist in the technological and marketing research.

"It is already apparent that neither Russia nor China will be able to prepare a platform to launch and market competitive by world standards liner. And if the design of various structures for aircraft assembly at a higher potential Russian organizations, from the point of view of the production cost of China is unmatched " — Says Oleg Panteleev.

According to him, the greatest demand in the market enjoy a medium-range narrow-body aircraft with 150 to 200 seats. Russia has launched a project of the MS-21, and China is working on the C-919. Here, Russia and China are competing with each other.

"But the country can become partners and together take at least another promising niche — it's widebody long-haul capacity from 200 to 250 seats. While there reigns supreme Boeing and Airbus. This niche is not so plentiful, but the cost of the aircraft is quite large, so this segment is very attractive for Russian aircraft makers", — Concluded the expert.



Just today, June 5, during the current visit of the President of the Russian Federation in Beijing was officially signed documents on the project launch joint widebody aircraft with the working title "Project 2020", reflecting clearly the projected time-to-market. According to the journalists of "Messages", will be involved in the project studies for IL-96.


 And in the next few days visit to China's GDP threatens some new goodies in the field of military cooperation and gathering of the organization of the SCO. With the participation of, guess who … Presidents of Iran and Afghanistan, with whom planned special meeting. Ah, fun times are, ladies and gentlemen)



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